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Chic Retreat - 3t2 Lucky Palms Recreation

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61 Sand Road aka Chic Retreat
Well appointed with open circulation, this stylish house is easy desert living at its finest. We would recommend entertaining often whether it's a crowd or just that special Sim. Italic text

So I recently started watching Rekowcski's "Judging and Rating Every EA Build in The Sims 3" videos. I may not agree with every rating, but they are great fun to see how the EA build quality of TS3 has evolved (or not) over time. But when I watched Lucky Palms, I had another reaction: I wanted to build one of its desert lots in TS2.

So here is Chic Retreat, one of the few unoccupied lots from Lucky Palms. What I liked about the original was how the elevated roofs emulated wings above the low-pitched gable, and how the gable made the entrance roof feel extra high and inviting. It's a curious house, sparsely furnished and with a backyard that is way too big, but it's exterior architecture is an example of the EA teams trying something new for Lucky Palms. And I applaud them for that.

My recreation is very faithful to the original - it has the same exact house shape, same interior layout, and similar textures (where applicable). What isn't the same are the some of the colors. Without TS3's Create-a-Style tool and it's limitless coloring, I was at the mercy of TS2 textures, and those of the 3t2 CC objects that were essential for this recreation. I couldn't quite match the medium wood tone in a way that made me happy, so I switched the doors and windows and garage to black. Boring, I know, but easiest to work with.

Inside, I copied the "open air" entrance and living room. The furniture is a mish-mash of styles, but if this is a home for a successful single sim (or a couple without kids), I imagined they would spend lavishly, and maybe incoherently, on their furniture and decor. Left of the main room is the dining table and kitchen. Sims will prefer the table, but you can eat at the island counters, too. Right of the main room is the bed and bath. No doors separate the bedroom, which was how the TS3 version arranged it. You can add them if you want, but I liked the open layout. There is a small patio off the bedroom with an exercise machine and massage table.

The backyard should be where you have the most fun. I actually downsized it a bit from the TS3 version (so much extra, empty space, the EA specialty). But even in doing so, I fit a large pool, grill, table, chess, bar, hot tub, and pool slide. This is truly the place to party in the summer.

I tried to keep the landscaping in the spirit of the original, as well. Lots of palms and desert bushes, not a lot of flowers. I don't use desert worlds too often, but I wanted something that felt expensive and showy despite its desert setting. I like to think the point comes across.

This lot wouldn't have been possible without a few key pieces of 3t2 CC. Nearly everything shown is included in the file and explained below, with one exception. The Helios blinds are not included, per TSR policy. They are not required for the lot to function, I just happen to like how they look and feel like they are an essential CC item.
-Helios Maxis Blinds by Windkeeper. Available at TSR

Special thanks go to the TS3 build team who designed the original lot, and the CC creators who bring so many wonderful TS3 objects into TS2.

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: Build and Buy Mode Content
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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