Painting Costs Money

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2022 at 7:35 PM
Updated: 5th Jul 2022 at 9:50 AM
Hi guys, I'm back with another simple mod for The Sims 3, I wasn't going to release this one, but.... Why not?

How does it work?
So, this mod will allow you to charge your sims for painting, you see that easel on your home lot? Well it's not free to paint there anymore.
Like The Sims 4, now your sims will have to pay to paint!
I never liked that my sim could make thousands out of painting and never have to pay anything for it.
This is a listener mod, and this means if your sim starts a painting and does not have the money to pay for the equipment, then the bill will be added to the household bills.

The costs: §120 to start a small painting, §180 to start a medium sized painting and to start a large painting this is going to set you back §240!

There are tuneables within this mod, that i've included for your convenience, where you are able to change the prices based on your wants, in the XML file within the .package file, this is easily editable with S3PE.

I didn't find another mod for The Sims 3 like this one, hence my release.


v.1.1 Update
-The price of painting now ultimately depends on what type of painting you are creating (large, medium, small) and is more varying.
-The notification will now show you an itemized receipt as seen in the updated image.
-I also fixed an error around adding the total to the household bills if you don't have enough money to start painting.

I recommend that you update to the newer version, if you have downloaded the earlier version.

v.1.1.1 Update
Fixed the spelling mistake in "Stationery".
Added XML type language string files to download so it's easy for people to translate.

Supported Languages:
French (Thanks to SecretX)
Russian (Thanks to HYDRO1st)
Korean (Thanks to regulus0820)
Feel free to translate into your language, post to comments and i'll update with your language as soon as I can