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• was the game rigged from the start?
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About Me:

I am kind of obsessed with building in The Sims 3, as you can see (:

My ToU are the same as in the right section ->
Please DM me if you want to do something with my uploads.

My Discord tag is hydro1st. If you want to tell me something, feel free to do so (;

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  • Upload to Free sites only.
  • Do not upload to the Exchange.
General terms:
  • Ask me first before modifying/using.

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  • Hawessinmoor - Populated!

    by HYDRO1st 18th Dec 2023 at 7:55pm


    +18 packs 31 9.6k 27

    Miscellaneous » Neighborhoods & CAS Screens » Neighbourhoods and Worlds

  • Atomic Retreat - 4br, 3ba

    by HYDRO1st 17th Oct 2023 at 1:13pm

    Step inside and be greeted by groovy colors, funky furnishings, and spaceship-inspired accents. more...

    +14 packs 4 2.4k 9

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Maxis' Unused Skyscraper Styles Fix

    by HYDRO1st 6th Jul 2023 at 10:03pm , updated 22nd Nov 2023 at 2:43pm


    +1 packs 7 4k 11

    Build Mode » Miscellaneous » Other

  • Tiniest Lines - 3br, 2ba

    by HYDRO1st 29th Jun 2023 at 5:48pm

    Welcome to 'Tiniest Lines', a cozy home designed with style and comfort in mind. more...

    +4 packs 3.4k 13

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Bright Downs - 2br, 2ba

    by HYDRO1st 9th May 2023 at 10:01pm


    +9 packs 1 2.5k 6

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Sunlight Sanctuary - 4br, 3ba

    by HYDRO1st 26th Apr 2023 at 9:00pm

    Illuminated by light both day and night, this house is never gloomy and dark. more...

    +8 packs 2 3k 5

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Blackwalnut Manor - 4/5br, 4ba

    by HYDRO1st 16th Apr 2023 at 5:40pm

    Had been built on the woodlands of black walnut trees, this manor sends vibes of neatness and nobility for anyone more...

    +14 packs 2 3.6k 10

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Marshledge House - 1br, 1ba

    by HYDRO1st 9th Apr 2023 at 2:24pm

    Have you seen here in neighborhood the most sweetest house like this? With nice barbeque on the backyard? Me neither. more...

    +5 packs 2 1.5k 6

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Villa «La vera bellezza» (The true beauty) - 3.5br, 4.5ba

    by HYDRO1st 21st Nov 2022 at 9:25pm , updated 11th Dec 2022 at 10:59am

    Would you like to live with a perfect azure pool, vineyard with some of grape sorts, hot tub, well mown more...

    +16 packs 5 3.7k 4

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Hawessinmoor Textures Bundle: 2 CC Patterns + Style

    by HYDRO1st 10th Oct 2022 at 8:20am

    This is a bundle of two patterns (created with ts3 Pattern Tool) and style (created with in-game existing tile pattern). This more...

    +1 packs 1 2.6k 4


  • The «Old Farm» House — 3.5BR, 2ba

    by HYDRO1st 9th Jul 2022 at 4:02pm

    This house is built on the Veronaville Old Farm lot. more...

  • Modern Townhouse «Oneness» - 2/3br, 2ba

    by HYDRO1st 18th Jun 2022 at 7:37pm , updated 5th Jan 2024 at 5:44pm

    Simnation's scientists reached that ecology-free power station able to place on a roof. more...

    +7 packs 7 16.8k 33

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Classical mansion «Majorhouse» - 5br, 4.5ba

    by HYDRO1st 14th Jun 2022 at 9:15am

    «Welcome mrs. and mr., your butler will park your car. You're looking pretty today». more...

    +14 packs 6.3k 8

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Starter «My affordable nest» colonial house - 1br, 1ba

    by HYDRO1st 13th Jun 2022 at 8:41pm , updated 19th May 2023 at 5:46pm

    We all want own house, aren't we? But can we afford it? Huh, many of you can say «yes» but more...

    +4 packs 2 5.1k 17

    Lots & Housing » Residential

  • Hi-tech «Small'n'Modern» house - 1br, 1ba

    by HYDRO1st 13th Jun 2022 at 8:37pm , updated 11th Nov 2022 at 9:14pm

    SpeedBuild and Review of this house: This small and contemporary house is looking good for a two or one sim. more...

    +12 packs 2.7k 8

    Lots & Housing » Residential