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Yomoshoto Stadium for American football (Version for vanilla TS3 available; no CC)

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2022 at 5:08 AM
Updated: 3rd Dec 2022 at 12:10 PM
A gridiron American football stadium with spectator facilities, designed for use with the inventory catch football from vanilla Sims 3. Now your Sims can play catch in a more suited place than just open parks.

Based on my 12 years of experiences with making similar lots (though this is the first one I designed specifically for public sharing), the field is 20x13yds with 3yd deep endzones (The maximum width that can be lit up with vanilla outdoor lamps), has "sideline banners" with various paintings, 2 locker rooms, and with bumpy terrain outside the stadium so the Sims won't try to play football outside the stadium instead of inside. The lot itself is 40x40 squares.

The lot was designed to be easily converted between vanilla and multi-EXP Sims 3 setups, and great care was taken to ensure that only vanilla TS3 items were used in the Vanilla lot version.

However, there is also an "EXPs" version which most images were taken of, and which adds conveniency features from the following packs:
• Late Night (Subway station, frontside flowers)
• Showtime (Lit-up jumboscreen, more suited sideline banners, frontside decorations)
• Supernatural (Broomstick parking)
• Seasons (Festival-type food stand instead of a fridge)

———Lot values:———
Furnished: 120,866 § (Unfurnished: 95,141 §)
Furnished: 131,908 § (Unfurnished: 97,033 §)

• 3rd of December 2022: v1.1.0 update. Added makeshift turnstiles and removed the main corridor's doors, to sharply increase the chance of Sims picking the football field when they decide to play catch. The update is big enough as to replace v1.0.0 entirely.
• 30th of September 2022: Non-numbered update (Preceded me beginning to add version numbers to my MTS uploads), where I made changes to the entrance area of the EXPs lot version.