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A home to prove that modernity can still be warm and inviting.


Four bedrooms. Three bathrooms. Modern design. Open concept. Bright. Airy. Spacious. Comfortable. Calming. If it were a fruit, it would probably be a strawberry. These are a few words that were uttered from the mouths of guests who toured Fletcher. Perhaps some of these sentiments will ring true once you step foot within these four walls?

Fletcher sought to prove that modern design can still be welcoming and calming. A mission set forth after some local naysayers thought little good of such a design language. Could Fletcher change their mind? Could Fletcher fulfill its objective? Is Fletcher really like a strawberry? Find out for yourself!

Take a step within. The entryway features a space to congregate and socialize. As you make your way through, a partial-sunken living room breaths life into the term "living room". You are meant to live in this room. Perhaps not all of the time, but when you are, we hope you're living it up!

The open-concept kitchen has enough counter space to fill with tchotchkes, various appliances (all of your air-fryers?), and of course enough room to allow for day-to-day prep work. It even leads way to a patio that features an outdoor kitchen! An outdoor kitchen! So good we had to say it twice.

The second level contains four bedrooms, one of which was converted into a home gym. The main bedroom truly is an enclave. In fact, it's about the size of some apartments in urban city centres! Many guests that toured Fletcher fell in love with the ensuite bathroom. Feel free to throw up a curtain or install a wall in place if the open-concept design is a little too much for your liking. Hey, you were born with it, might as well strut your stuff in your very own bedroom!

So? Is Fletcher everything you wanted? Maybe it's everything you wanted and more!? Have you noticed how it's relatable to a strawberry?! Maybe!? You tell me.

Enjoy, Fletcher. Or is it enjoy Fletcher? Who is Fletcher, anyway?