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Woodville (Sims 2 Custom Neighborhood)

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Uploaded: 15th Mar 2024 at 5:50 PM
Hello and welcome to Woodville!

Woodville has been through it all. It used to be the top wood supplier in the area, but after a series of devastating fires, raids by eco activists, and other natural disasters, it basically became a ghost town.
However, over the past decade, signs of life have slowly started to reemerge in this charming little valley nestled in the hillsides. Thanks to the support of local investors, Woodville has transformed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.
But it's no secret that tourists bring in big bucks, and where there's big money, there's power. And it seems like the first rumblings of a battle for the ultimate prize of those precious dollars can already be heard among the towering evergreen pines that surround Woodville...

Yep, since I tend to dive into new projects right after finishing the old ones without taking a break, here goes another town! This one is based on a neighborhood I used to play with over a decade ago, which is now sadly lost.

Unlike Carier, this town has a bit of a plot - a criminal drama, to be exact. There are no scripted events, just bios and screenshots to give you a deeper look into the residents of Woodville. Feel free to ignore it if you want, as it's just a fun background addition and everything is quite simple and straightforward. No big mysteries here.

If you are interested tho, then I highly suggest you to look into Dale Lachlan's diary first. It will give you some clues on where to start and what to look for. Not all families are involved in said drama, but most of them are in some way or another...

With that aside, here's some general info about Woodville:

- There are 19 families total;

- There are also some randomly created NPCs. There's not many of them and they're not the default PV ones, so at least you won't get bored from seeing the same old faces all over again;

- There are 46 lots: 3 apartment buildings, 12 community lots and 31 residential, 4 of which are primarily used for decoration purposes.
38 lots are remodeled Maxis builds from the bin (and if you think that's a lazy move then I beg your pardon, remaking them was actually the most time-consuming part of the process lol), 5 were build by me from scratch and 3 were based on Zarathustra's SimCity Parking Lots (which are AMAZING and I always use these when I need some deco lots to fill up the empty spaces in my 'hoods).

- All lots have been compressed with LotCompressor;

- As you can tell by the amounts of families and lots, Woodville is kinda heavy, so keep that in mind if you are playing on weaker devices;

- I couldn't check if everything is reachable without the camera mods, but I think it should be. If it's not - let me know so I could update this info;

- This town is built on a slightly customized Crystal Springs terrain, which was made by yours truly;

- Even though you can clearly see the default replacements in most of the screenshots, it's CC free and everything should be looking fine even without the said DRs;

- It's not BGC and requires you to have all the EPs and SPs;

- I did poke around in SimPE a little bit this time, but all I did was delete, add, and change a few memories. I didn't want to mess things up too much as I'm still learning how to use SimPe, so I kept it simple. Plus, since the plot is just a background element and not necessary, there wasn't much work needed anyway;

- All families have their starting time set at 5 am on Monday;

- The empty version (without any residents and NPCs) is provided if anyone needs one.

Special thanks:

- To TwoJeff for Sim Blender;
- To Mootilda for HoodChecker and Lot Compressor;
- To BO for No Sim Loader;
- To Zarathustra for their SimCity Parking Lots.

Have a nice one!