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Sandy Shores Beach

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2024 at 9:36 PM
Updated: 18th Apr 2024 at 9:49 PM
Lot Description:
Welcome to Sandy Shores Beach, where sun-kissed sands meet the rhythm of crashing waves. Dive into relaxation as you sip on refreshing drinks at our outdoor bar, groove to the beats of Latin music and savor the taste of grilled delights from our outdoor grills. Challenge friends to a game of chess on our beachfront chessboards, or gather around our community picnic tables for some seaside fun!

Lot Details:
Price: 23,915
Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Type: Beach
Version: 1.42
Store Content: String of Inspiration (Wall)
CC Used: None
Packs Needed: The Sims 3, Ambitions (floor and wallpaper), Generations (wallpaper), Late Night (gothic column), Seasons
File Type: Package
Not included in the download

Lot Features:
This is one of my earlier builds which I originally created for a small world that I typically prefer for gameplay. Initially placed on a smaller lot, I decided to move it instead to Sunset Valley and placed it at the empty Recurve Stand lot.

This beach lot features an outdoor bar with tables overlooking the beach, perfect for romantic dates, as well as picnic tables with barbecue grills for Sims who enjoy cooking their own food. Additionally, there are outdoor chess tables for entertainment, picnic blankets to get away from the crowd, lounges and a sandbox for children to play in. There’s plenty of space for activities like ball games, tag or just running around.

I have checked the empty or existing beach lots with other worlds I currently have and it can fit in Twinbrook (42x52) and Appaloosa Plains (40x55) though you may need to use the Soften Terrain tool to smooth it out a bit for easier Sim navigation.

Please be aware that there are spawners used on this lot thus I would advise to not rotate the Beach Lot to avoid duplicate spawners and remove spawners when the lot is deleted due to them remaining on the empty lot. To check and remove spawners, enable “testingcheatsenabled true” and “buydebug on” after.

I’ve also included Public Picnic Spots, which will appear when using the same cheat codes mentioned above. Feel free to use the dropper tool to copy and place more picnic spots on the lot.

Please also note the required expansions pack listed in the Lot Details above especially those that uses the build items such as floors, columns and wallpaper, the lot would not show up in your game if you don’t have those unfortunately.

For the rest, they are mostly décor which will automatically be replaced in your game. The same applies to the one piece of store content provided above and it is not included in the download, nor are they required. If you are interested, I have provided a link in the Lot Details section above (please click the name of object).