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Rustic Juice Fizz Dispenser

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2024 at 12:25 AM
Have you ever wanted to buy a single Juice Fizz without going to the trouble of firing up the (decidedly modern-looking) Fizz station? Well, you're in luck! I took the decorative cask from Horse Ranch and added a PurchasePicker interaction. Each bottle costs §20 (§10 if you have the Affizzianado trait, or §0 if you have the Free Services Reward Trait). Every flavor is available for purchase (including Suspicious Fizz, which makes your Sim sick, and Tofizz, which wipes away other Fizz moodlets).

There are currently two versions; you can download both, as they do not conflict. One dispenses custom bottles that I designed for my historical saves. The other sells the original Eco Lifestyle bottles. Both function exactly the same. Just click on the cask and choose "Select Fizz". Your Sim will walk over, and the selection menu will pop up.

• Requires Eco Lifestyle
• Cask costs §75, Bottles cost §20
• 10 Swatches
• Find it in Build/Buy under decorations or by searching Naunakht

Note: Like any object with custom tuning, the Juice Fizz Dispenser might break after an update! Always keep these sorts of items in a separate folder, so that if you start getting errors, the likely culprits are all in one place.