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Functional Winchester Rifles for Desecrate’s Weapons System

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Uploaded: 9th May 2024 at 10:02 PM
Shoot your least favorite sims in vintage style!

These are two new guns for use with Desecrate’s Weapons System. You will need Desecrate’s mod for these to function in your game:

The meshes are from a gorgeous cowboy decor set by Toreno-Werty and are used with permission:

Thanks to both creators for their amazing work!

The Winchester Rifle stands upright, and shoots standard bullets, tranquiliser darts, and explosive bullets. The Winchester Shotgun lies flat on surfaces and shoots standard bullets and rubber bullets. Desecrate’s original mod was last updated in 2013 for Patch 1.47, but it works fine in my game (version 1.70) in 2024.

Found under Entertainment > Hobbies and Skills and Study > Hobbies and Skills for 1500 simoleons.