Weapons System

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Uploaded: 18th May 2010 at 9:11 PM
Updated: 22nd Jan 2013 at 10:41 AM - Added translations; verified compatibility with patch 1.47
Last code update 2012/11/16

This mod allows the use of firearms that can you can aim and shoot, killing your least favourite Sims...
It uses the WA camera interface to aim, but instead of taking a picture, it can kill the Sim in the scope.
It supports long range rifles, so you can use the full zoom to snipe out distant targets.

The download includes:
  • Desecrate_WeaponsLib - Main script library for weapons objects, supporting a wide range of weapon types - requires base patch level 1.38 or above
  • Desecrate-XanKriegor_SniperRifle - Long Range Rifle object, cloned from Barrett M82 mesh by XanKriegor
  • Desecrate-XanKriegor_Pistol - Pistol object, cloned from Glock 17 mesh by XanKriegor
You need to install the WeaponsLib package plus the weapon object packages you would like to use.

In the game, you can find the objects in buy mode under Entertainment / Hobbies & Skills. The Riffle costs 1600, the Pistol 499.

Latest version requires base game patch level 1.38 or higher(tested till 1.47), and is compatible with base game and every expansion/stuff packs released to date.
It works with base game only, although there are some effects that are only available with WA, Ambitions, Pets and Supernatural.
If you have an old patch level, there are an older versions of this mod that work with base game version 1.8 and above. PM me with your current game version if you need an older version of this mod.

This Mod contains the following features:
  • Carry Weapon - Makes the Sim carry the weapon, so that it's ready to Shoot.
  • Shoot - Allows you to aim and shoot a Sim. Depending on the weapon type used, you can have more or less zoom range.
  • Ammo Type - In some weapon types, you can switch between ammo types (e.g. switch from standard bullets, to rubber bullets or tranquilizer darts)
  • Killing Gallery - I decided to leave in the picture inventory from the camera object, in case you want to keep track of your kills.
  • Clear Gallery - Clears the kill gallery.
Each weapon has an associated damage, and depending on the precision of the shot and distance of the target, it will inflict more or less damage. The damage will be taken out of the Sim's energy (injuring him), or if the sim runs out of energy, he will die. Weapons can have piercing ability - a Long Range Rifle can kill up to 3 sims with one shot if you line them up right.
Some weapons can use "knock out ammo", like tranquilizer darts, which will put the Sim to sleep rather than killing him (although an overdose of tranquilizer might eventually be deadly).
Witnesses in the same room and near the shooter have a chance of calling the police, in which case you'll get arrested and loose your job (except if in a criminal career).
The shooter, witnesses and victims will get mood/buffs effects (like Horrified, CreepedOut, FiendishlyDelighted, etc) depending if they have evil or good alignment.
Vampires will only die with wooden ammo, mummies with fire weapons, simbots with electric weapons, werewolfs with silver bullets, etc.
Pets can also be "put to sleep"...
You can shoot some objects, producing several effects depending on the object type. If the Ambitions EP is installed, some objects might explode when shot with a powerful weapon or explosive ammo.
Currently shootable objects: All Repairable or Cleanable objects (will get broken or dirty), Lights, Insects, Toys, Fireworks, Boulders and Gravestones/Urns.

This can also be used with NRaas' Mobster career and Assassination skill, so you can have hitman jobs and assassination opportunities.

Update 2013/01/20
  • Verified compatibility with patch 1.47 (no changes needed).
  • Added Czech translation by Peccoskaify.
  • Added Polish translation by cejanek.

Before removing or updating the mod, sell all weapons your sims might be carrying in inventory and save the game.

I have structured the object script code in a separate package file (WeaponsLib), so that if anyone would like to make additional weapon objects meshes, they would just need to set the object script field to one of the weapons available in the lib package, and it would automatically adopt the behaviour of the selected weapon.
To object Creators - The lib supports a few more weapon types, and it would be great if someone could make different weapon objects, like Shotguns, Dart guns, Tasers, Crossbows, RPGs, etc...

Currently this mod is available in:
  • English
  • Portuguese PT & BR
  • Dutch (translation by RPGCRAZIEE)
  • Russian (translation by Lelianna & boblen)
  • French (translation by adarkfairy)
  • German (translation by <Tom94> & redeyes35)
  • Italian (translation by GianCarlo27)
  • Swedish (translation by XOO7)
  • Japanese (translation by O-Well)
  • Danish (translation by Pazuna)
  • Finnish (translation by EtsDriver)
  • Norwegian (translation by sailatlas)
  • Spanish (translation by wadiallib)
  • Chinese (translation by mahamudo)
  • Czech (translation by Peccoskaify)
  • Polish (translation by cejanek)
Some of the new interactions I translated via google translator, so let me know if some are incorrect...
All other language resources are in English. If anyone would like to translate into other languages, let me know, and I'd be happy to include it.

Special thanks to XanKriegor for the great weapons meshes, and to ChaosMage, Ani and Kolipoki for unveiling the possibilities of object Modding.

Happy killing...