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Energy Drinks

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2024 at 5:32 AM
Updated: 19th May 2024 at 3:39 PM
Mod Description

This mod adds custom Energy Drinks to a new type of vending machine.

This is a script mod that can be placed in your Packages folder. It was built and tested on 1.69 but should work fine on 1.67.


  • Added European Spanish translation by Paampi
  • Compressed Soda-Lightful Vending Machine package file.


  • The Sims 3: Late Night
  • The Sims 3: Seasons
  • The Sims 3: Supernatural
  • The Sims 3: University Life


  • Soda-Lightful Vending Machine
  • Energy Drinks
  • Side Effects
  • Flavors
  • New Moodlets

Soda-Lightful Vending Machine

- Price: §1250
- Category: Large Appliances
- Includes all 11 original swatches + 1 recolorable option (3 channels)
- Poly Count: 2346
- Originally created for The Sims 4 by RAVASHEEN, converted to The Sims 3 by me

Like the vending machines that came with University Life, sims can Buy Energy Drink, Shake Machine, or Slam Machine.

Energy Drinks

Teen and older sims can purchase energy drinks from the Soda-Lightful Vending Machine for §5 each.

Energy drinks boost the Energy need, give sims the custom Energy Rush moodlet, and remove any moodlets related to low Energy (Tired, Sleepy, Exhausted, Buzz Crashed, etc.), similar to drinking coffee, but the effect lasts twice as long (6 hours instead of 3 hours).

Drinking multiple energy drinks in a row will boost how long the Energy Rush moodlet lasts, as well as increase the moodlet's value, up to 18 hours and +30 mood.

Once the Energy Rush moodlet expires, sims get the custom negative Energy Crash moodlet.

Side Effects

If your sim goes more than 24 hours without another energy drink, they'll start to suffer from caffeine withdrawal and gain the custom negative Craving Caffeine moodlet for the next 2 days. Drinking coffee, tea, barista bar beverages, or another energy drink will remove this moodlet.

Drinking more than 2 energy drinks at a time also carries the risk of a sim being electrocuted and dying.

Teens and Elders both have a 5% chance of being electrocuted, while YA have a 1% chance and Adults have a 3% chance.


There are 8 different energy drinks to choose from. 6 provide flavor-related moodlets from the snow cone machine from Seasons and the bubble blower from Late Night. These moodlets last for 4 hours.

From left to right in the second preview photo:
  • Charged Cherry (Cheery Cherry)
  • Pineapple Power-Up (On a Beach)
  • Lightning Lemon (Laidback Lemon)
  • e-Lectric Lime (Lucky Lime)
  • Blue Raspberry Blitz (Raspberry Romance)
  • Gigawatt Grape (Gleeful Grape)

The Unidentified Fizzy Ooze energy drink replenishes Alien brain power, but makes non-Aliens nauseous.

The last energy drink is called Mystery Flavor and it works like the jelly bean bush from Supernatural; including carrying the risk of death, so proceed with caution.

New Moodlets

Energy Rush: Given when sims drink an energy drink, lasts 6 hours, +10, +20, or +30 mood

Energy Crash: Given when the Energy Rush moodlet expires, lasts 7 hours, -15 mood

Craving Caffeine: Given when sims go more than 24 hours without another caffeinated drink, lasts 2 days, -30 mood


All of the following values are tunable in the mod’s XML files.

(In moodlet value)
kEnergyRushMoodletValue = 10
kCravingCaffeineMoodletValue = -30

(In simoleons)
kEnergyDrinkPrice = 5

(In percentage; 1 = 100%)
kSodaExplosionFailChance = 0.05
kChanceOfTeenElectrocution = 0.05
kChanceOfYAElectrocution = 0.01
kChanceOfAdultElectrocution = 0.03
kChanceOfElderElectrocution = 0.05

(In minutes)
kMinutesForEnergyRush = 360
kCravingCaffeineMoodletLength = 2880

(In hours)
kCravingCaffeineAlarm = 24

(Need delta)
kHungerFillAmount = 5

Script Namespace

If you want to turn a different vending machine into an energy drink vending machine, open your desired object in S3PE and replace the current script name with the following:


Conflicts & Known Issues

This is a new scripted object, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts.

All of the drink cans are different colors when placed in the world and during the drinking animation, but they all have a red can icon when placed in a sim's inventory. I'm not sure how to fix this right now, but that should be the only issue of note.


EA/Maxis for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, mesh by RAVASHEEN, Visual Studio 2019, ILSpy, s3pe, Notepad++, Sims4Studio, TSRW, Blender, Milkshape, Gimp, and Script Mod Template Creator.

Thank You

Thank you to RAVASHEEN and everyone in the Sims 3 Creators' Cave Discord!