Frogmore Terrace (noCC)

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Uploaded: 20th May 2024 at 9:44 AM
Welcome to Frogmore Terrace!

This lot is inspired by an apartment block I have seen on "Gogglebox" and I thought it would be a nice fit for a row of apartments.
The lot is NOT made with For Rent so and is zoned as a a regular residential so that people without the For Rent pack also can use it.

It contains of three separate apartments, you will have to zone them as residential rentals yourself if you want to use it as this.
They all have a garage, livingroom, kitchen and laundryroom on the first floor, and three small bedrooms and a family bathroom upstairs. In the back they all have a separate small garden.

The right one is furnished for a family of four with 2 adults, a child and a toddler.
The middle one is for an older couple with a carpentry room and a room for knitting upstairs.
The left one is abandoned and will need to be freshened up and have the garden taken care of. it is just furnished with the essentials.

The rooms are pretty small but you will fit all you need in there and since it is not zoned as apartments feel free to change the layout or just use it for generational living with your family.

Lot size: 30x30
Furnished price: 132,147
Unfurnished: 45,782

Not kits have been used and no CC.

I hope you like it!