My World of WarCraft Sims!!

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2005 at 3:37 PM
Updated: 12th Aug 2005 at 8:53 AM
well, after much teasing with previews last month I finally found some time to finish them. I will admit, the clothes I have are far from perfect But, I deffinatly not a skinner . My skills with drawing with a mouse and my computer are next to non-existant. lol.
SO... I'd like to say thank you to all the Skinners who have made such wonderful midevil and Rennassaince clothing as well as Tolkien-style outfits for our elves. Keep them coming! The Clothes my Night Elves are currently wearing I dug up on the Exchange.
Luriana is My former chracter from Warsong server. I stopped playing her as, shes on my b/f account and I now have my own account.. and it wasnt any fun playing by myself. :P
Rhim is my Boyfriends main chracter on Bleeding Hollow. Hes a hunter and currently level 49. I have alot of catching up to do.
Last but not least my new chracter, Ishara. She is working on reaching level 29 and is a Druid on Bleeding Hollow.
Credits for each -

on Luriana
Facial Markings - Me
Eyes - Me
SkinTone - Me..again. Its recolored/reworked from one I found on the exchange not named..( orginal artist!?)
Eyeliner- Forcer
Clothes-Dr.Pixel (in Silver from exchange)
hair Texture- Maxis
Hair Mesh By Big Bad Shar. If you need the Mesh it can be found here - under hair. Currently on page 4.

On Rhim
Facial Distinction & sideburns (face mask)- the *wrinkles* are from Maxis, added his sideburns as..well it was giving me a hard time trying to add sideburns to a Goatee Maxis Texture. Just the coloring and combination is Me.
eyes- me
Lip Color - DA Fashion.. what ever happened to her?
cheek color (its not blush on boys. ) Maxis
eyeliner - forcer
clothes - Nebari83 ( exchange)
Hair mesh by MimeWhite Mesh availabe Here
Recolor by Me.
Skin tone - same as Lurianas, I made the Males darker and more purple-ish ..sorta.

BTW Rhims eyes are more yellow. I redid them after taking the preview pick but before I packaged him. :D

Ishara ( blue-green hair)
blush- (?) mouseover only says white. :shrug:
eyeshadow- Ladiewhisper Shadow
Eyeliner - Forcer. Again.
Lipstick - SunAir
Hair - Maxis mesh.. orginal texture only says Shag. (?)
Clothes - Mouseover says Dark Elf. ( Exchange)
Skin tone - same as the others.
Facial Markings - me

Girl Elves have FaireGirls Long Ears!!! you will need the mesh for these to show up . You can find it Here
I will update Rhim and the girls if the other ages and male mesh for these ears become available later. Will also like to eventually add my Rouge ( Male NightElf) to give you another guy to pick from but... until I can find a suitable hair mesh he'll just have to wait.
alrighty. Hope you like them.. if I missed anything let me know!? if you know the makers of the questionable items please let me know so I can give them credit.

:: Edit as the image host I was using seems to have gone offline reposting preview pics . Thanks to imageshack for Free Image Hosting ::

also adding this - this is what is done so far of Khos. I think he still needs some work but would anyone want me to add him to the collection?