Three different floors for large livin' sims

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Uploaded 15th Aug 2005 at 3:49 PM · Updated 22nd Jul 2006 at 3:22 PM by Berg

These floors might not be very useful in the home of an ordinary suburb sim family, but every now and then we all make those etraordinary buildings that need that little special something, don't we? At least me and my stepdaughter do, so we made these floors one night and I thought they turned out rather good and thought we could share them! So...

The first floor, filename "Mosaic1_2", is in two different sizes: 2x2 tiles and one rediciliously large: 5x5 tiles (for all your ballroom needs?). The 2x2 was made to be combined with the Maxis floor "Stone and Stalk" wich is demonstrated to the left in the picture. Found in "Tiles" section.

Second floor, filename "Ancient Mosaic", is a set of three: one 2X2, one 5X5 and one 1X1. Looks great in a roman public bath. :werd:

And third floor, filename "Mosaic3", is another huge 5x5 floor. In very nice colours. Has a little ancient, worn-out look to it.

I hope I didn't mess up the quality of the screenshots too bad, otherwise you'll have to take my word on it: looks great in game!

Happy simming evryone! :howdy:

Always - You may use and abuse my creations in any way you want! Share, or use the textures and/or alphas as bases for your own projects. If you give me gredit, you make me happy, but you don't have to.