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Maxis "Lost & Found" #11: Numica 2x2 Card Table

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Uploaded: 18th Oct 2005 at 12:18 AM
Updated: 14th Oct 2008 at 8:22 AM by -Maylin-
Maxis "Lost & Found" #11: Numica 2x2 Card Table

Do you remember the Newbies' dining table from TS1? Well, here it is!
Digging in the game files, I've found this 2x2 dining table that matches the cheap "Numica" 1x1 card table.

This is the only 2x2 dining table available for the base game! And it works fine with any EP, too!

Maxis left behind only a mesh and a texture (the "brown leather" one that you can see in the screenshot); I've built a complete package for them, and I've also added four additional recolours, using the Numica 1x1 textures. All the recolours are contained in a separate package.

The table top and the legs are recolourable separately.


Unlike my other creations, YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO CLONE THIS OBJECT and use it as a template for a working 2X2 table, AS LONG AS YOU PUT CREDITS TO ME AND A LINK TO THIS THREAD