Red Silk Skirt - Recolor of Warlokk and Mr Bill's mesh

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2005 at 11:36 AM
As before thanks so much to Warlokk for creating these create meshes. And for having them free for the community. Now for more thanks , the last time I forgot to thank , Marvine ( Ju), BeosboxBoy , and Sgoobysnacks All all them encouraged me with learning to skin and helped me through very sticky parts of recoloring and alpha editing.

I am uploading 5 skirts this time all of which are are available in 36 and 38 waist sizes. You will need Warlokk's new mesh mini with heels to have this your game. As before the model nor anything else come with this only the skirts. Also any problems or questions feel free to ask. Also sorry this time I forgot to do a zip for each. But there a complete zip and rar that has all skirts in them. Enjoy them in your game.