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#377 Sims 3 Cute Boy Jack
added on April 9th  

Does have custom hair by Anubis and slider enhancements, but no other CC. Made by Claeric. He's a really sweet sim.

Site Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
Direct Link http://fuzzylogicdishwasher.blogspot.com/2010/04/cute-boy-jack.html#comments
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#276 Sims 2 Grand Duchess Emerald's Air Elements Walls and Floors
added on October 17th  

These are some stunning, featured walls and floors created by GrandDuchessEmerald on sapphiresims2.com. These walls and floors are my favorites for fantasy type lots. Looks great in castles. The walls are found in Paneling, the floors are found in tile. Enjoy them! :)

Site Sapphire Sim 2
Direct Link http://www.sapphiresims2.com/showthread.php?t=36049
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#596 Sims 3 Gwen Fae
added on October 1st  

A lovely pixie for your game by dachshundsr4me over at the Cstyles forum.

Site Cstyles Sims 3 Forum
Direct Link http://www.cstylessims3forum.com/t4087-gwen-fae
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#353 Sims 3 Mega Pattern Kit
added on March 23rd  

Art Sims has given us lots of pertiful flower patterns for our game.

Site Art Sims
Direct Link http://artsims.ru/2010/03/sims-3-patterns-flower-nabor-tekstur-dlya-sims-3-cvety/
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#335 Sims 3 1959 (Remastered)
added on March 22nd  

I don't know about you, but these wonderfully distressed walls made me squee a little on the inside! If you want that nice and run-down feel then these are definitely worth checking out!

Site Club Crimsyn
Direct Link http://club-crimsyn.dreamwidth.org/19584.html?#cutid1
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#382 Sims 3 Medieval Patterns
added on April 9th  

You can grab four new patterns by joninmobile over at ModTheSims.

Site Mod The Sims
Direct Link http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=398439
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#412 Sims 3 Furniture Store
added on May 13th  

Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher has taken the warehouse from Riverview and converted it to a furniture store. The purpose is mainly for movie/story making. Your sims can visit but they can't actually walk up to a cash register and pull out their pixelated credit card lol. Nonetheless they can go fiddle round on the lot.

Site Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
Direct Link http://fuzzylogicdishwasher.blogspot.com/
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#472 Sims 3 New Patterns
added on July 26th  

Oldbox from All4Sims has given us some very pretty patterns to work with.

Site All 4 Sims
Direct Link http://www.all4sims.de/board/filebase.php?fileid=6485
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#564 Sims 3 Framed Movie Posters by Mondo Designs at Club Crimsyn
added on August 31st  

Stop by Club Crimsyn to grab your pick of LOTS of different stylish movie posters by Mondo. Several different genres to choose from. My favorites are the horror and scifi!

Site Club Crimsyn
Direct Link http://club-crimsyn.dreamwidth.org/63156.html