Patch updates

Date Posted: 26th Nov 2020 at 12:09 PM

all my mods seem to be working fine with the latest update (snowy escape)
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My Mods

Date Posted: 11th Jan 2020 at 2:09 PM

Mods i have uploaded so far

Parent Discipline Actions for all

No changing TV channel when its in use

More interactions unlocked

Friendly kiss cheek for all

Unlimited Dishwasher

Less Annoying Unflirty Trait

Next upload - Sing serenade on guitar and piano for teen - young adult
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Upcoming Mods

Date Posted: 11th Aug 2019 at 6:46 PM

I have some more mods that i'll be uploading on here soon

They are available on my Patreon page

Mods available now on patreon:
Less Annoying Unflirty Trait - this a tuning of the base games Unflirty trait to tone down a load of the reactions and tense buffs - I will upload this one on here in the next few days

More Interactions Unlocked - Loads more interactions unlocked - I'm still adding some more interactions to this but will upload here soon
Descriptions are on my patreon page

Unlimited Dishwasher - this is a tweak to the base game dishwasher interactions that allow sims to load dishes as much as they like without waiting for it to finish

Express Love Unlocked for teens - another parent to child interaction unlocked for parents to teens
Friendly Cuddle Unlocked for teens - also a parent to child interaction unlocked for Parent to Teens

Other mods i've made but am still testing and tweaking inc:
Better Motive management and decay rates - this is a tweak that makes sim take better care of motives so they take care of them more realistically and I've change some decay rates to be more realistic. I'm still tweaking this one and testing different versions for those who use mccc or mods that change the time settings

No happy food buffs and more - Gets rid of nearly all happy food buffs and load of other happy buffs allowing a lot more variety of moods - works esp well with other buff replacements mods.. i've made it so i didn't change any files that other popular mods are using so that they don't conflict

Better Fight win chance scoring - This one tweaks the tuning of fight interaction so that sims with higher level fitness have a lot higher chance of winning - i'm currently working on a adding traits, moods, other skills and careers also to affect the chances -

Instruments Sing serenade teen/adult - I find it silly that teen sims can play serenade on guitar/Piano etc to an adult but they can't sing one so i changed that also. I've done so far Guitar and Keyboard am still figuring out violin, piano and Microphone

Kids/Teens don't clean This one is to stop kids and teens from cleaning unless directed or forced to by parents - sims 4 has the most responsible and well mannered kids in the world - not any more it's just not realistic
Its working but still has a few glitches i'm working on
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