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I love making my own recolours and since I only make Maxis recolours you can upload them with your lots on any site aslong as youre lot is free.No credit needed but it is apriciated.For my Arch Empire aplies the same.Happy simming

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  • Violet a starterhome for $15.999 ($13.544 unfurnished)

    by suefemme 26th Aug 2009 at 3:27am

    I build this starterhome for myself and actually liked it so I wanted to share it.The home has 1 masterbedroom more...

  • 3 Season recolours for Maxis 'SimCity Midbiscus'

    by suefemme 4th Jun 2009 at 6:47pm

    I have made 3 recolours for Maxis SimCity Midbiscus tree that work if you have the Seasons EP installed.The leaves more...

  • Arch Empire ( a Mansion and Garden add on )

    by suefemme 31st May 2009 at 8:09pm

    I made this arch to go with the Arch-Duke door from the Mansion and Garden stuffpack. more...

    + 1 EPs/SPs 7 20.4k 33

    Build Mode » Doors & Windows

  • Purple recolour for Maxis "Pet Pillow Fantastic"

    by suefemme 31st May 2009 at 8:05pm

    I made this purple and black wood recolour for Maxis Pet Pillow Fantastic. more...

  • 9 recolours for Maxis "The Petalstal"

    by suefemme 21st May 2009 at 2:19am

    I have made 9 recolours for Maxis "The Petalstal" that comes with the Celebration Stuffpack. more...

    + 1 EPs/SPs 13.9k 13

    By Function » Decorative » Plants

  • 10 recolours for Maxis "Mystic Life Flower Vase"

    by suefemme 3rd May 2009 at 6:30pm

    I have made 10 recolours for Maxis "Mystic Life Flower Vase" from the Basegame.Eight of them are striped recolours for more...

    9 13.9k 11

    By Function » Decorative » Plants

  • 6 Recolours for Maxis Llamark Electronic Cash Register

    by suefemme 23rd Feb 2009 at 5:08pm

    I made these for myself yesterday and would like to share them.The recolours are for the Maxis Llamark Electronic Cash more...

  • 5 frame recolours for Maxis "The Family Portrait Collection"

    by suefemme 15th Jan 2009 at 6:07pm

    I really like the pictureframe that came with Appartmentlife so I decided to make some recolours for it.5 in total more...

    + 1 EPs/SPs 8 16k 19

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • Brown recolour of the Maxis Comfy pet Pillow

    by suefemme 13th Aug 2008 at 10:52am

    I made this Brown recolour of the Maxis Comfy Pet Pillow to kind of match my brown scratching post wich more...

  • Recolours for Maxis Cheap Pet Bowl and Plastic Litter Box

    by suefemme 10th Aug 2008 at 10:00am

    I made 7 recolours for the Plastic Litterbox and one for the Good Value Pet Bowl.I've uploaded the recolours in more...

  • Maxis 'Los gatos Condominiums' and 'scratching post' recolours

    by suefemme 21st Jul 2008 at 11:03pm

    I've recoloured the big scratching post and the small one that come with Pets.The colours are black,red,brown,blue and green.The colours more...