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Hey Guys and Ladies I AM BACK!!
Sorry I have not been on in ... years. College work overloaded me. Then my computer OS needing to be re-installed 3-5 times a year for about 2 years. I lost everything :/ Yeah even my backups exploded. Well I graduated and now trying to get into gradschool for Visual Effects in the form of texturing and lighting! Woooot and it took the sims to make me realize I love texturing!!!

Anywho, I will be doing some side projects and research to get back into the driver's seat (lets face it I am waaaaaaay rusty at this).

-1st Alien Skins revamp
-2nd Werewolves/Zombies for Supernatural expansion (oh yeah they are not hairy enough!!!!!)
-3rd Random thing I have yet to think of

I do not take request. I am sorry but right now I have too much work to do as it is.

Depending on school the time and order of release of these projects will vary.

I don't know how to make meshes (and don't have the tools to do so). Most of the CC done is either skin, hair recolor, makeup, or basic clothing.

*I don't mind people uploading my skins unless they refer back to me. You can change the color or enhance it as long as you cite the source.

Want to change existing sim's skin without going into CAS? Get a 'Skin Changer Vial' from Bstard17 right here


I already uploaded it onto the site and will know if you try to pass it off as your own. (Unless its a recolor of another Creator's mesh. I do not upload those and neither should you!)
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