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Corsetcrush’s NEW 2019 Terms of Use:

Send me a link, I’d STILL love to see how others decorate/recolor/my meshes & textures! I love MTS because of the freely give, freely share policy that just allows the game to be FUN! So do NOT upload my meshes, textures, recolored or reworked textures or patterns to paysites, on lots or otherwise. The sole reason for posting my work on MTS is to give back to the wonderful community that has, and continues to, give me so much delight.

If you use, alter, repurpose anything that originated from me, link back. If I ever update my content, add more or similar things in a set, I’d like people who have the previous items to know.

**NEW! NEW! NEW!**

As of 2019 new permissions for my creations are being granted. They are as follows:

*** Object Mesh conversions to ANY The Sims games ARE NOW ALLOWED! ***

I would please ask that you let me know just in case I have a better version of an old mesh (I’ve learned a lot about 3D modeling in the last decade…)

Can I…
...Convert one of your objects, meshes, etc. to a different Sims game version?

YES PLEASE! If you have the skills to do it properly I’d LOVE for you to do that! And make durn sure you send me a link! (I do own TS3 & base game TS4) Modding got overwhelmingly complicated for me in TS3 and I really struggled to wrap my mind around it. TS2 is and will always be my true love of the Sim games, especially if EA keeps on the same path that they are on now in how they are developing the game. TS2 is like complete creative freedom to me even though I enjoyed TS3 quite a lot too. As far as modding goes, I’ll forever be a TS2 creator.

...Rework, fix, or update the mesh or object myself?

Yes! As long as there is a quality improvement over the original. (They are far from perfect. HA!)

...Add or fix functionality to one of your objects?

Yes please. I’m good at making meshes but still totally lost on the coding end of things.

...Use one of your meshes to add more pieces to a set you have already started?

Yes please. I have way more ideas than time and energy. I’ve always wanted to have large sets of things and my mind is still constantly drawn back to my Loggin Kannuk set and my TS1 to TS2 conversions. Now that I’m poking at the game again extensively those are the things I’m overwhelmingly wanting to work on, including finishing pieces I started almost a decade and a half ago.

Any further questions you can send me a message and I’ll try to respond if I notice it’s there. (Sorry to the people who were messaging me the last few years and I didn’t catch that I had messages! I wasn’t intentionally ignoring you!)

Play happy & CREATE!

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19th Sep 2007 at 1:07am in » Build Mode Sets


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Uploading terms:

  • Upload to Free sites only.
  • Do not upload to the Exchange.
With my meshes:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • Do NOT include my meshes with recolours.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
  • Additionally:
    • You may recolour using my textures.
    • You may recolour making your own textures
With my recolours:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
With my walls/floors:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
General terms:
  • Please give credit with a link when using my work.
  • Let me know if you use my work.


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