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I honestly don't give a hoot what you do with my stuff. Say you made it. Change the file names. Take pictures of sims in PU attire and write "Zazazu is a fuzzy F-type who sucks donkey balls" and spam it on the BBS. Burn my lots in effigy and post videos at Youtube. Whatever, just don't put it on a paysite.

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  • 5 Easels with Custom Paintings

    by KariMinger 30th Sep 2007 at 4:45am

    Requires PETS EP! more...

    +1 packs 27 21.5k 30

    By Function » Hobbies » Creative

  • Six Mod Paintings - recolors of "Two Dogs and an Olive"

    by KariMinger 2nd Aug 2007 at 1:37am

    Following are six recolors of the Maxis painting "Two Dogs and an Olive". Absolutely requires Nightlife. more...