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If you're reading this, you're awesome!

Hello! So for some wonderous reason, the elaborate workings of the universe have brought you to my profile page. Yay ^_^

Firstly I would like to say, that my real name is Marzena. And for some strange reason, that username was already I was forced to substitute a 3 for the original! Hahaha. And yes, I know I have a bizarre name (blame my Polish parents) but if you are reading it in your head and are curious to how I prefer to have it pronounced, then it would be: Mar-zey-nah. Marzena. Simple! OR if you want to avoid that whole ordeal, everyone just calls me Marz!

I'm very happy to be here creating for MTS, I LOOVE The Sims, and I'm in a bit of a crazed creator obsession right now. Bottom-line: I like making pretty things!

I WILL take requests...but please know that I DO actually have a life and therefore content may take longer to make. But it really depends on what it is, and what is going on in my life at the time.

Finally, I LOVE people, and I love to chat. So hit me up if you want a new friend!

Thanks and Enjoy!!!!

Policy: You may use my recolour's or meshes, but in the case of meshes, please link back to the original, or my profile. Thank you so very much. And it really is flattering and very kind if you do ^_^

EDIT MAY 2011: Hey all, I've been getting quite a few requests and all, which is awesome! Bad news (for you not me :P) I just got a new job, full time, and it's taking up QUITE alot of my if I have time i'll try to do some requests, but as of right now i just dont have time. So very sorry. I'll update again if i find some spare bit of time. Cheers!

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I found this amazing mesh as and I just HAD to update it with a retexture/recolor.

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Skinny Jeans with Sexy Heels

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Hot Heels: Teen Formals (NEW MESH)

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CoolSims Mesh 25 Retexture/Recolor

30th Mar 2011 at 9:45pm


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