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  • XMSims Retexture + Alpha Edit

    by beemi 15th Dec 2006 at 7:46am

    Brought to you by -and with permission from- the wonderful Flora from XMSims! more...

    19 29.6k 7

    Hair » Female » Adult

  • XMSims Female Hair Recolours *Edited 16/11/06*

    by beemi 12th Nov 2006 at 5:50am

    Hello everyone! more...

    37 35.2k 16

    Hair » Female » Adult

  • 4 Default Colours of Flora's New Mesh

    by beemi 14th Jul 2006 at 6:42am

    Hey guys! I was hoping Flora would make another hair mesh because the newest ones she's uploaded are so pretty! more...

    22 36.3k 4

    Hair » Female » Adult

  • XMSims/Flora's newest hair mesh - Recolours

    by beemi 17th Jun 2006 at 8:11am

    I've created four recolours of Flora's new male hair mesh over at XM Sims . more...

    18 32.2k 7

    Hair » Male » Adult

  • XMSims Flora's Hair Mesh - Four Recolours

    by beemi 21st Apr 2006 at 8:33am

    This post includes four recolours I did after I saw Flora's wonderful new hair mesh over at XMSims . more...

    15 34.3k 1

    Hair » Female » Adult

  • Teenage Girl

    by beemi 28th Feb 2006 at 10:37am

    This girl was created as a new character for my game so I'd have more teenagers in one of the more...

    9 19.3k 2

    Sims » Other » Female

  • Brianna

    by beemi 26th Feb 2006 at 3:42pm

    I created Brianna a while ago and thought now was the time to share her with you. more...

    3 5.9k

    Sims » Other » Female

  • 3 Woodland Drive

    by beemi 19th Feb 2006 at 6:56am

    3 Woodland Drive is based on a house my parents were considering to buy, and I really liked the look more...

  • Recolours of Lunar Eclipse's Muraki Hair

    by beemi 30th Oct 2005 at 4:52am

    As the title says, these four recolours are of Lunar Eclipse's Muraki hair ! more...

    14 23.7k 3

    Hair » Male » Adult

  • Jane Plain/Plain Jane

    by beemi 5th Oct 2005 at 4:15am

    Jane is really a sim based on someone who didn't have much growing up and now she's out on her more...

    9 6.7k

    Sims » Other » Female

  • Viola

    by beemi 10th Sep 2005 at 11:29am

    This sim, Viola Deaver, is a combination of an elf and a fairy - whichever tickles your fancy, really. more...

    8 7.8k

    Sims » Other » Female

  • White Checkered Nursery Set [moved from Miscellaneous]

    by beemi 9th Jun 2005 at 8:28am

    This recoloured set includes: -Changing Table -Cot/Crib + Frame -High Chair -Boy + Girl Potty Let more...

    6 6.9k 1

    By Room » Nursery

  • Cloud Nursery Set [Recolours]

    by beemi 8th Jun 2005 at 2:28pm

    The Cloud Nursery Set includes: -Changing Table -Crib/Cot -High Chair -Potty Took me a while due to it more...

    8 10.1k 1

    By Room » Nursery » Bedding