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Default Simulated People Doing Real Science -- 2019-nCoV
A team of Simmers have been participating in the [email protected] ([email protected]) project since 2013.
Though it's been in my signature the whole time, I'm re-announcing it now because
  1. [email protected] has joined the fight against Covid-19 virus, and
  2. Our GPUs are better these days, and can make a really considerable contribution.

The Folding software is easy to download, configure and run in background.
Joining a team is optional, but gives you some pleasure from watching the score pile up!
Our Sim team are now in about the top 0.5% of all folding teams, by total contribution for all time.
Here's Stanford's [email protected] page for our current stats:
Our team number is 226071.

EDIT: and here is a nice how-to article from

UPDATE: @FreeFallDreams, who recently did the procedure to count your contributions in with the Simmers -- thank you!
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This April, for the first time I've seen on my machine, [email protected] has sometimes had no work ready for my GPU to do. I wondered whether this might be good news: is it because so many new people are donating their spare cycles to the project? The answer is happily YES. To quote
Originally Posted by
Everyone deserves a pat on the back!04.08.20, 11:57am CDT

Literally in the span of a week, according to the FAH Client Stats you guys have DOUBLED the processing power and now have exceeded 2.3 (x86)exaFLOPs!

The new totals (compared to those I posted LESS than a week ago): 117,103 AMD GPUs (47.30%) / 535,769 Nvidia GPUs (50.47%) / 1,205,450 CPUs (102.94%)

A couple cool videos on YouTube, first is from the Financial Times interviewing Dr. Bowman and a little talk about the [email protected] project and the science behind it. Second video is from Linus Tech Tips where Linus shows off the [email protected] WS Server they built and is currently part of the [email protected] Server Pool, helping to send out all those work units to all you guys keeping those GPUs & CPUs busy!

[...additional info elided; see it at their site...]

By "you guys" he means the whole gamer community of the whole planet Earth. So it is good news, and the servers are being gussied up to take full advantage.

The Simmers' team (Twallan SVNL, team #226071) is producing heavily & regularly thanks to Hauptwerk, @FreeFallDreams, and Ronnie de Noube

EDIT: link to Youtube Linus Tech Tips call to arms video, with the real how-to starting at 5:48; and watch them build a 100TB server. They are plenty darn nerdly.
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@r_deNoube -- Oh, this is amazingly good news! My best computer (the other one is a netbook, and so pretty much useless for this sort of thing) is actually too old for the FAH client to allow it to do anything but CPU task WUs, and I wondered if it was even contributing much by those. However, this is a situation in which I can do almost nothing helpful (can barely leave the house because of immunocompromised family members who I share it with, don't have a sewing machine and can't hand-sew well enough to make masks in bulk, no money to spare to donate), so I figured that at least my computer could be more useful than me! Now that I think of it, maybe it's freed up better machines to do GPU tasks? At any rate, my electric bill is included in the rent, so...

Seriously, this is a beautiful ray of hope, however small it may be. I almost felt like there wasn't any point in trying after hearing that the status quo was likely to continue for more than a year, and this has reminded me that there is at least some way to continue to CONSTRUCTIVELY rage against the dying of the light. Maybe none of this will make any difference...but maybe something will. Maybe Project 13850 (what my computer is currently contributing to) will hold the key to antigen testing, which will hold the key to finding out how long immunity lasts, which will hold the key to creating a vaccine, which will make the new normal about as tolerable as the old normal. At least doing something, however small, is better than doing nothing.
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