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When I was coming up with ideas for my legal system, "attitude adjustment", or changing sims to Grilled Cheese Aspiration, became one of the toughest punishments for that very reason.

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I've got an adjustor hacked book to use on community lots and in apartments for correcting bad personalities if that sim is always starting fights as their punishment is to have me taking control over them to make them work on fixing their flawed personality.
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Originally Posted by HarVee
I think it's done that way on purpose by EAxis. One could think of the GC aspiration as a way of making your sims insane and/or obsessive.

You're right. When selecting it as a secondary aspiration it even says that other Sims will think you've gone insane.

I find it funny how often they want to talk about grilled cheese to other Sims and most Sims don't like it.
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