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#10626 Old 13th May 2021 at 5:41 PM
I've known lots of nasty outgoing people, that's my thought on it.
Also, don't make the mistake of equating niceness with goodness. A lot of grouchy people make excellent friends once they get to know you; and the more outgoing they are the more easily they get to know you.

I don't play with motivation scores or anything, but in my experience aspiration and experience affect the way a sim plays at least as much as points. There's quite a few high outgoing/low nice characters in Widespot. Penny Weiss starts the game with lots of friends, walks into people's houses to play piano in the middle of the night, skinny dips in hot tubs, and gossips a lot. She has a Knowledge aspiration, so her sociability manifests in autonomous behavior rather than in wants, and she will prefer to skill in social situations - chess rather than the telescope, swimming rather than working out, playing instruments rather than painting. The Hart men are outgoing active grouches with Romance aspiration; they are charming particularly to people they find attractive and often turn out to be very good with children (if you don't mind that they hurl balls at their heads). Rich Mann is ten outgoing and no nice points, and is a Fortune Criminal Mastermind. People who play him as a cartoon villain find him easy to make devoted to his family and a jerk to everybody else; people who play him as seriously evil generally make him very controlling and in search of people he can dominate. Either way, he tends to pick fights.

Negative social interactions are still social and fill the bar.

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Originally Posted by FranH
I've been pondering how to figure out the scaling for pixels 'social' score-like that of 'motivation' (Active+Neat-playfulness). I'm thinking that "outgoing-niceness' should be an adequate scaling, and that the results would be, 'low, average and high' sociability.

I know it's trivial, but sometimes the pixels can be outgoing to beat the band, but nasty in their personality.
Any thoughts on this?

I don't use too complicated methods like your "motivation" system when making decisions, but I do usually look at the personality to determine if the sim would or would not do that thing. For socializing I only really look at outgoing though, because an outgoing sim would want to socialize more than a shy one. They also would probably go to community lots and meet new people too, while shy sims would phone their friends or invite them over instead.

The niceness, though, I usually consider when making them do things that could benefit others, if that makes sense. For example, my sim Angel has 0 nice points (the irony), so when he was in uni I only ever had him make food for himself, and not serve a meal for the whole dorm. In fact, I developed a "system" for assigning base skill points to like, older CAS sims, and in that niceness is what determines their cooking skill (they're nice enough to cook for everyone, developing their skill).

My random thought: I just watched the Seasons official trailer, and just realized why there are two "kinds" of outerwear, sweater and balloon coat: they're meant to be worn for autumn and winter respectively. Might give me a reason to give them make-overs more often (and maybe even try my hand at making recolours).
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#10628 Old 13th May 2021 at 9:50 PM
I do usually just give them the 'introvert' 'extrovert' or 'average' social skills, although the niceness factor does definitely work in or against some of them. The motivation set is for making them succeed if they want to get ahead, and I guess one could use it for the social qualities as well.

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Riverblossom Hills came with the Seasons expansion, and all houses include gardening plots to motivate the player to have their sims start gardening with this new feature introduced in the pack.

Half of RBH's year is unsuitable for gardening.
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#10630 Old 13th May 2021 at 11:05 PM
Which is to encourage you to build greenhouses.

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#10631 Old 13th May 2021 at 11:13 PM
I mean the Seasons are easily changed. They probably chose to emit summer because it mostly resembles the way Sims 2 is without Seasons installed, while the other three seasons got most of the new content that needed showing off, especially winter with its snow and snow activities and such.
What did Summer even get in Seasons? Just heatstroke? Because I think even tanning came with Bon Voyage rather than seasons (or do I misremember that?)

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#10632 Old Yesterday at 9:49 AM
Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Which is to encourage you to build greenhouses.

I have now realized the errors of my 11PM ways, but since disregarding this makes my point 50x funnier, I have elected to ignore this fact.
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Re: Outgoing and Nice - I see these as totally separate things!

Outgoing vs Shy for me is how likely I am to make a sim interact with sims that they don't know, plus what activities they will perform. I'm not super-strict with it, especially since I can't control how they act in the background of community lots, but as a rule of thumb:
0 Outgoing = Sim is afraid of strangers, will never invite anyone into the house except for people they already know (generally, relatives), may even tend to avoid situations like jobs out of the home, uni, unless they can hide in their dorm room all the time and study alone.
Low (<3) Outgoing = Sim unlikely to approach a stranger, but may interact with somebody they have met before, or a trusted friend/family member introduces them to. Won't perform any risky socials like pranks or flirts unless very close to the person, or attack unless in retaliation. Would definitely avoid any kind of performance in public such as music, dance etc. Tends to prefer one on one contact, not parties or big outings. Might meet people at work/school but would not greet walkbys.
Med (4-6ish) Outgoing = Sim may approach strangers if they have chemistry or are particularly lonely and looking for new friends, especially when younger, but prefers to interact with those they already know. May have parties or outings for a special occasion. Just balanced really. No restrictions, no obligations. Might use influence to ask a favour of a good friend, matchmake between sims they know or make a party/outing more lively.
High (7+) Outgoing = Sim very likely to approach strangers, likes to have parties/outings/company when possible. If they want to make friends with someone or have a relationship they will do anything to achieve that. If they don't like you, they will more freely insult, attack, etc. Use influence with abandon.
10 Outgoing = Sim has a phobia of being alone and needs company at all times. If they live alone they are constantly inviting people over or going to community lots to mitigate this, but they try not to ever live alone.

I tend to play 0 and 10 personalities as extremes/phobias as they do not come up that often. If a sim has a combination of 2 or more 0/10 personality traits they can be quite challenging to play.

Then niceness/grouchiness I kind of interpret as sensitivity - Nice sims are kind, will put the needs/wants of others before themselves, but also easily upset. They prefer socials like chatting and admire. Grouchy sims are more self-centred, not evil, but more robust socially as well - they tend to be competitive and prefer socials like jokes, pranks, showing off and competition.

So Nice + Outgoing would tend to be a bit of a people-pleaser, want everyone to like them and feel quite hurt or left out if things are happening without them.
Nice + Shy would be someone who keeps to themselves because they are sensitive, perhaps prefers the company of animals to people, or finds it hard to trust.
Grouchy + Outgoing would be that person with a thick skin who can perhaps be a bit annoying and sometimes take jokes too far, but overall people tend to like them as they are fun and unpredictable. But they may be a bit manipulative and use people for their own ends.
Grouchy + Shy would probably be someone who prefers their own company, doesn't especially like socialising/sees it as a waste of time. They probably don't see the point of the "silly" interactions like pranks, games etc, unless they are also playful (but I think playful in that case would manifest more as video games, sports, creative pursuits or playing with pets).

On dates, if a sim has more than half nice points they look at their date's wants and follow those. If they have less than half, they look at their own wants and follow those.


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#10634 Old Yesterday at 11:51 PM
Originally Posted by simsfreq
On dates, if a sim has more than half nice points they look at their date's wants and follow those. If they have less than half, they look at their own wants and follow those.

I love little rules like this. I may steal this one, if you don't mind. I never look at the date's wants because I figure that if I wouldn't know my date's wants, then neither would my Sims. But this distinguishes between Sims who may be more thoughtful and considerate of their dates and those who are more into their own wants--I like it.

I would love seeing other little rules like these that people use to guide their gameplay. I know a lot of people have complicated rule systems, but it's nice to also know about those little things that make the game more realistic or enjoyable. Here's one I just instituted. If anyone in Pleasantview sees a family member walk by, they greet them, even if their relationship is not high. (Unless they're enemies, I guess.) I figure family would always open their doors to family and it helps build relationships. For instance, I had Bobby Broke greet Dustin when he walked by, even though they barely know each other, and Dustin came in to meet the new baby. A little while later, Angela showed up in the yard autonomously, so Bobby greeted her too and they had a nice, impromptu family dinner. I love it when the game does things like that.
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#10635 Old Today at 12:31 AM
My own rule about that is that the sim has to learn to read people - or at least that particular person - before opening the date want panel. If sims are dating who became best friends as children, the date's want panel will be open on the first or second date because they already know each other so well. Sims who start off dating people they don't know very well require three dream dates (total; not necessarily with this individual sim) before they can open the panel. (I can't expect myself to keep track beyond that.) Married couples always have the date want panel open, and I switch back and forth between active sims so neither of them is stuck doing all the work. You can also sometimes tell if a sim is being honest and forthcoming by interpreting conversation bubbles - if they're talking about kissing, woohoo, cheating, etc., they are presumably expressing themselves on romantic subjects and giving the active sim information that will help them decide what moves to make.

Because of my rule about wants representing physiological conditions, so that a woohoo want must be present in order for woohoo to be possible/allowable, if things are getting to the "back to my place" or "let's find a photobooth" point I open up the date panel regardless of experience level. If you're getting to the woohoo point you'd better be reading your partner's responses, and they'd better be volunteering information unasked, or nobody's having a good time.

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I definitely don't love the feeling of posting an upload hoping that most people will just look at it, rather than download it. It's the last of a handful of lots I made to push the limits of the game and my new computer, so I know it's really just too big for most people to be able to use unless they've got ridiculously OP computers too.

Think I need to go back to normal-sized lots for a while.

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