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Felicity Island

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 5th Apr 2016 at 11:06 PM
Updated: 13th Jan 2023 at 8:40 PM - (2023/01/13) optional CC; (2021/07/11) Updated versions by Adrime

Felicity Island
[Neighborhood & Suburb] | Vacation Destination
for The Sims 2

Updated versions by Adrime - 2021/07/11
Links & info in the post.

Hi. Please read the yellow part, it's kind of important.

No roads.
The lots and the island itself have no roads. This means you cannot put new lots down, you cannot move existing lots around in-game, and you shouldn't bin lots, as you won't be able to put them down anywhere. However, you have nearly 40 empty lots at your disposal, and you may rezone them, or resize them using Lot Adjuster. I recommend you use Sim self menu/Walk to Lot command to navigate to lots.

Neighborhood camera mod.
You need to have one in order to see all the lots of the island, given that some of the lots are placed near the very edge of the world. My personal pick is GunMod's Camera Mod 3.1, but you may use any other mod.

Powerful enough machine.
Needed to avoid the great amount of lag that could happen on big lots, the waterfall, or in neighborhood view (because of lots of trees).

Custom Content Required
Please bear in mind that in order to play this neighborhood, you have to download a big deal of CC (around 150 MB). I've gathered most of the files in a single archive, but since the file is too big for upload on MTS, it's hosted on SimFileShare. There are several items not included in the bundle.
Also, some of the required content is a default replacement of certain in-game items; I would therefore advise you to make a separate gaming environment just for Felicity Island, to avoid your other neighborhoods having barrels for street trash cans, etc.

The items on the following list are required in order to play this island.
Items marked with the yellow exclamation point contain special installation instructions (the files don't just go straight to your Downloads folder).

Available Versions
You can choose between several versions of Felicity Island made by myself, k-athleen and Adrime. I recommend Adrime's versions where available, as they fixed some of the known issues found in k-athleen's and my versions.
  • Neighborhood - unpopulated:
    • my version (2016/07/29): FI40 (available under Files tab),
    • Adrime's version (2021/07/11): FIUM, based on my version with fixed Saltwater Pools
  • Neighborhood - populated:
    • k-athleen's version (2021/04/27): FI40,
    • Adrime's version (2021/07/11): FIPM, based on k-athleen's version, with fixed Saltwater Pools. This version doesn't include stealth hoods
  • Suburb (Shopping District):
    • Adrime's version (2021/07/11): FIUS (unpopulated) and FIPS (populated), also includes fixed Saltwater Pools
  • Vacation Destination:
    • my version (2016/12/27): TFI4

I got the idea of creating Felicity Island from the same-named neighborhood from The Sims Castaway Stories. What got me into making this big island is, among many other things, the limited real estate EA provided us with in their Felicity Island.
So, here's mine, with 80 lots in total.

The island has eight districts: The South Village, The Highlands, The Valley Village, The Grasslands, The Aurora Glade, The Hot Springs, The Outlands, and The Jungle.
You can find several different maps of this island and a list of all lot names and positions at the end of the gallery (at the top of this page).



The images at the top of this page give you an overall idea of what this island is about. You can find more pictures that I took while I was building this island in this thread.

  • In the big yellow part at the top of this post, you can find different versions of Felicity Island. Choose the version you want. I recommend Adrime's versions, as they fixed some of the known issues found in k-athleen's and my versions.
  • The neighborhood folder (FI40/FIUM/FIPM) goes to:
    • Documents\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods
  • The suburb (Shopping District) folder (FIUS/FIPS) goes to:
    • if you don't have the Ultimate Collection: Program Files\The Sims 2 Open for Business\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplates
    • if you have the Ultimate Collection: Program Files\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Best of Business\EP3\TSData\Res\NeighborhoodTemplate
    It will show up in-game once you add the suburb to one of your neighborhoods through the Shopping District chooser.
    Note: make sure to get Fix subhood selection (Moo_AllowMultipleShopping.package) in order to have Felicity Island show up on the list of available shopping districts.
  • Required CC goes to Documents\The Sims 2\Downloads. Watch out for special installation instructions of modular stairs (I recommend you use The Scriptorium).
  • A modded neighborhood camera file (Gunmod's, for example) goes to Documents\The Sims 2\Cameras.

  • When traveling by vehicle, the vehicle will just appear on lot instead of driving and pulling over. It will also disappear when traveling off lot. This is due to lots having no roads and vehicle portals being placed on non-flat terrain.
  • Saltwater Pools - reported by ApplezNBananaz:
    Quote: Originally posted by ApplezNBananaz
    I went to the Staltwater Pools and the terrain there has made a cluster of sims end up stuck on the edges or in some of the far corners.
    A fix for this is included in Adrime's version. Just download their version instead of mine.
    If you've downloaded my version before and don't want to redownload the neighborhood, you can easily fix this yourself by fixing the pedestrian portals. Download the Portal Revealer, load Saltwater Pools to edit, go to Build mode, Doors & Windows, Double Story Windows, and pick and place the yellow flamingo on the lot. Now, search for yellow boxes with a red arrow on the top. Pick them up. The object description should say *Portal - Pedestrian. Place the box somewhere on a flat surface with enough space for Sims to reach it. Search for any remaining, sunken or otherwise inaccessible portals, and move them somewhere appropriate. Once you're done replacing the portals, you can delete the yellow flamingo.
    This issue happened probably because I forgot to replace the portals once I tweaked the lot's elevation in Lot Adjuster.

The required custom content is listed at the top of this page. Do not play this island without the required bits in your Downloads!

There are also things I recommend having alongside the required CC. Content below isn't required, but helps bring out the true atmosphere of living on a tropical island.

Young Sims of Felicity Island don't attend schools - as in, schools in a modern sense. Let alone colleges! As kids and teens, Sims spend days exploring around, asking questions, and learning skills. The more skills they learn, the easier they get around when they grow up.
The Sims Castaway Stories content:
Bring out the Tiki!!! The classical outfits and body paint from the original game.
In case you'd like even more tiki.
Culture & Lifestyle:
Going to work? What does that mean? Did you mean going hunting?
k-athleen added Sims to Felicity Island!
Adrime took the time to fix the Saltwater Pools lot in both my and k-athleen's versions, and made suburb versions of Felicity Island!

Their versions still require all the CC listed above. All the important bits about no roads etc. also apply to the populated, fixed, neighborhood & suburb versions, as well as some additional information found in the actual posts.


I think I managed to mention it all. Hope you enjoy.

Additional Credits:
A very big thanks to our late Mootilda, without whom the Lot Adjuster wouldn't exist today, and without which this roadless neighborhood with unique-looking beaches would not be possible to make.

Thanks to Inge Jones for her Portal Revealer, which was also a much needed tool in making the lots look more natural without roads.

Thanks to k-athleen for taking the time to add Sims to this world.

Thanks to Adrime for updating and fixing the hoods, and for making the suburb versions.

Another big hug and thanks go out to Lauratje86, who's been so thorough in testing the pre-release version of this neighborhood.

Thanks to EA and Maxis, for creating The Sims: Castaway Stories. Without the game, I would not have ever got to know Felicity Island, and I wouldn't become so obsessed with it.

Thanks to Quaxi, Inge Jones, and numerous other contributors who made SimPE possible.

Thanks to all of the creators whose content I used in the process of making this island.

Also, thanks to Jawusa, for her heart-warming words she sent my way when the island hasn't even been published yet, and for taking her time to extract the Sims' appearances (and fix them!) from EA's Felicity Island.

Finally, a pat on the back to Prah, who was the person that suggested I posted pictures of this island wayyy back in November '15. If it wasn't for them, this island would have remained for my private use only!