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Default [Tutorial] Split Level on the Second Story
Split Level on the Second Story

As the name suggests, I'll show you how to create a split level on the second story of your house. This can allow you to create houses with sunken rooms on different levels of your house. This is really useful for modern homes

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Could you add a little note saying that your tutorial is a PDF, please? I don't think everybody knows how to check for the file format. Thank you!

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Another great tutorial! Thanks Flabaliki!

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I just downloaded the install for Adobe Reader from their site for this tutorial. Well worth it!
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Thank you! Ive been trying to do this for so long, mucking around with foundations on hills, and fences and pillars and all sorts of nonsense, when really, the answer was somewhat simple!

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Wow, easy to understand, nicely done Thanks!


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hello , nice tutorial !

I have a question ;
I did everything explained in the tutorial but the problem is that when I'm doing a split level on the second story
and then focuses the camera to see how it is,
The ceiling height is another and the new level are in place.

That is, the roof should be seen as normal and the new level the roof is well (as it should be normally)

Is there any solution?

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Default Thanks
Thanks for the tutorial

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Can you send me this .pdf, please? To: [email protected] . Thanks!
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You are such a lifesaver! I've been looking to learn how to do that for the longest time. Thanks so much
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I knew there had to be an easier way to do this!!! Thanks so much for the helpful tutorial!!!
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Thanks! You make sound/look so easy! Great Tutorial!
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