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Default The "Earn Your Home" Challenge
First off, apologies if anyone else has ever created a challenge along these/similar lines, I have not come across one and I thought this may be fun! :-)

Also, apologies for the fact that I couldn't think of a better name for this challenge..... It's 2:30am, ok, and I think that my brain's already dozed off....!

Now, in order to do this challenge the way I have written it, you will need to download the "Reroll Wants and Lifetime Wants Through the Happy Helmet" mod by crumplebottom_marky4444, which you can find here. If you use the Batbox from MATY, you can use that to reroll sims' LTW's instead. If you either a) don't have any expansion packs, or b) don't want to download either mod for whatever reason, you can still do a revised version of the challenge without it. I will explain that below, but first, the challenge!

You start off by creating a single sim in CAS. This sim can have any personality and aspiration, and their appearance and clothing are entirely up to you. I would however recommend that you start with a female sim, for reasons which will become clear!

Move this newly created sim into a lot, I used a 3x2 lot but it is up to you! Then reduce your sims funds so that he/she only has 2100 simoleans. Then you must build a 5 by 4 tile room. Make sure there's a door, and a roof! Then buy whatever furnishings you want. They must all go inside the house though - nothing may be placed in the garden. The room and furnishings must come out of your 2100 simoleans.

Next, go back into Live mode and check your sim's Lifetime Want. If it's a career-related want (ie become Hall of Famer) you're all set, if not you will need to reroll. In order to do so using the mod I linked to, you must by the Noodlesoother reward object, which costs 5000 aspiration points. So satisfy as many of your sim's wants as possible until you can get the Noodlesoother, then (making sure your sim is in Gold/Platinum aspiration!) reroll their LTW until they get a career related one. If you don't have any EP's or didn't want to use the mod, you can pick a career for your sim, either by picking one yourself or rolling a die/picking one out of a hat or some other random way of doing it. Up to you.

Now to start playing. Your sim must live in their 4 by 5 tile room until they reach the top of the career that they have as their LTW. When they reach the top of the career, they may build another 4 by 5 tile room. Each time they, or another sim that lives with them/on that lot reaches the top of their LTW career another 4 by 5 room may be added to the house. Other than that, you may not expand their house. You may not place items outside the house, with the exception of career rewards, as some of them are huge! However, your sim must EARN those rewards - no using buyable versions!

If you have all the EP's and lots of custom jobs, it may take weeks for your sims job to show up in the newspaper. If you don't want to wait, you may use MogHughson's Job Seeking Noticeboards, which you can download here.

Your sim may move in townies/NPC's, but they must then live on the lot for the rest of their NATURAL life - no killing them off! You should make sure they have a career related LTW too, as if they reach the top of their LTW career you also get to add another 4 by 5 room to the house! However, think carefully before moving anyone in, as space is at a premium! If you want to make this multi-generational (which I would recommend), your sim's child/children must remain living on the lot, and if they as adults achieve the top of their LTW career you also get to add another 4 by 5 room. In order for your sim to have babies, if you haven't got space for a double bed, you may place a hammock/hot tub/photo booth outside, but this may only be used for Try For Baby! You may want to sell it after use and rebuy when you need it again, otherwise your sim may try and use it to satisfy other needs.

You may not use any cheats (except for building cheats), and you may not use aspirations rewards, even if your sim has earned the points! Using aspiration rewards makes it too easy! The only exception to this is Smart Milk, which you may use if you really really want to! Given that there's no scoring, it doesn't matter too much that it gives you a huge advantage over people who don't use it! The Noodlesoother may only be used combined with the hack I linked to reroll LTW's, not for any other reason.

This challenge really makes you think about making the most of a small space, it's quite a different way to play than the way I usually play, at least, and I'm enjoying it! No scoring, as of yet, though I may add something in the future if anyone wants me to... Personally, I'm just playing it for a bit of a change to make the game more fun! :-)

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, I'll do my best to answer them! :-D

EDIT: This picture shows my sim's house so far. Just the one room, but she's on level 7 of her LTW career (Athletics) so it shouldn't be long before she gets to build a second room! And she's going to be having a baby in the next day or two, too....... :-)

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Wow. It's like my Sim Builders Challenge, except you've cranked it up to an insanely hard level. I hate trying to top careers; if it wasn't for the "no friends for promotions" hack I wouldn't even go near this challenge. It looks pretty good, though.
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I didn't base it off your challenge on purpose! Hope you don't mind.... I do recall reading your challenge, never tried it though. I only really play the really really hard challenges for any length of time, kind of like this one! :-D

I'm having a lot of fun with it, in a "this is insanely hard, why did I come up with this" kind of way! :-D I don't have the "no friends for promotions" hack myself, so my poor Fortune sim is doing it all the hard way! She's doing well though, though I'm sure she'll appreciate another room in her house..... Only 3 levels to go! (and then she can start all over again in a new career!) And to be honest it's actually not as hard as I thought it would be.....
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This isn't really much of a challenge, and you don't actually need some helmet hack, either, you can reroll wants using the Batbox from More Awesome Than You. ACCEPT NO KEWIAN-BASED SUBSTITUTES. As for hard, I don't really see anything hard about it, since I've done sim-Survival on lots that consist of absolutely nothing. It seems like your goal is just to career-hop between LTW-careers. I'm not seeing the challenge, really.

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Originally Posted by J. M. Pescado
As for hard, I don't really see anything hard about it, since I've done sim-Survival on lots that consist of absolutely nothing. It seems like your goal is just to career-hop between LTW-careers. I'm not seeing the challenge, really.

So have I, I just felt like doing something different..... Maybe it's not challenging enough for you to want to try it, but for me it's a fun way to play, and some other people may agree with me. If not, that's up to them. It's supposed to be fun, not insanely difficult and soul destroying! :-D

Anyway, my sim just reached the top of the Athletics career, so she now has a two-room house! It was getting quite cramped with her, her child Emily and her baby Tessa living in a 4 by 5 room..... Now they have a separate bedroom - hooray!

She is now on level 5 of the Oceanography career track, which is her next LTW. She should reach the top of this one much faster, as she already has 10 family friends, 2 maxed out skills, and permanent platinum aspiration from achieving her LTW! :-)
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I like the idea of this, although it seems a little hard But what's a challenge if not challenging?
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Originally Posted by pandadoraa
I like the idea of this, although it seems a little hard But what's a challenge if not challenging?

Exactly :-) It is a lot of fun though! I like having stuff to aim for in the short term, really long challenges rarely hold my interest. I guess I have a short attention span! :-D

My one would've been less challenging if my sim hadn't've had her second child, an adult, a child and a baby in a 5 by 4 room didn't work too well! But she was getting old fast, so she had to have a baby then or not at all! And I wanted two kids to continue the challenge with - more people in jobs = more rooms more quickly!

Do feel free to post pictures etc if you decide to give it a go, it'd be fun if someone else tried it too! :-D
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Originally Posted by lauratje86
I didn't base it off your challenge on purpose! Hope you don't mind.... I do recall reading your challenge, never tried it though. I only really play the really really hard challenges for any length of time, kind of like this one! :-D

I wouldn't have minded if you had done it on purpose, since there's already a challenge based on one of mine ("I'm A Human, Get Me Out Of Here!", based on "Serial Killer"). I like the fact that I'm helping to stimulate people's imaginations so they can create new and interesting gameplay challenges for TS2. Don't listen to Pescado, he's a simming sadomasochist who thinks it's not a challenge unless your Sims are forced to eke out the most miserable existence possible.
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may i suggest downloading the insimentaor for this challenge..u can access all the necessary cheats via that download!
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"The House I Grew Up In" Legacy Challenge
First post! First Challenge!
hopefully this is original enough :p

The Story:
Newlyweds spend their life savings building the house of their dreams! But they haven't got any money to furnish it! They move in with their parents old furniture and their university furniture and get to work making the house of their Dreams.

The Setup:
in CAS make a husband and wife, one MUST have fortune aspiration and the other doesn't matter.
use money cheats to build the foundation walls, windows, doors, outside paint (bricks/siding) and roof of a 5+ bedroom house - Be ambitious! Plan the perfect house!
After house is roughed in furnish with
cheapest couch
cheapest TV
cheapest table
2 cheap chairs
cheapest stove
cheapest fridge
2 cheap counters
2 cheap sinks
cheapest toilet
cheapest shower
cheapest double bed
Reduce funds to 2,000

House Rules:
Must have:
Separate dining room
Family room with TV
Living room without TV
5+ Bedrooms
When purchasing furniture MUST buy from top 3 most expensive to fit with your ideal interior design plan

Game Rules:
No cheats during gameplay
Cheats allowed - Inteenimator and realistic pregnancy
No Children until Nursery is furnished and decorated AND one sims wants to
No one is allowed to move out of the house
If University is available Young Adults may go to university but must move back into their parents house
No Nannies, Maids, Gardeners etc...
You can have as many children as you want but since no one can move out be careful!

Generation 1: Starting Out
Fortune Aspiration Sim reach top of career
*No children until Fortune Sim reaches level 5 career
at least 3 rooms have max environment
Children get A+ on report Cards

Generation 2: Making a name
Reach top of Business or Politics Career
at least 6 rooms have max environment
Children Get into Private School

Generation 3: Keeping Up appearances
Reach top of Slacker Career
at least 9 rooms have max environment
Affair + Love Child

Generation 4: Fame or Notoriety
Write Novel and sell Painting Masterpiece
All Rooms have max environment
Max logic for at least one sim

Short Version: Complete Generation 4
Long Version: Reach Generation 10

Side Goals:
Marry a Police officer or Fire Fighter
Have Child of Grocery Delivery Person
Have cousins marry (weird but funny)
Have Family Cemetery out back

I'll be testing this! If you have any questions ask! more testers wanted :3
I plan on playing with each generation having one or two kids...
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#11 Old 5th Jun 2011 at 8:50 PM
I like this idea and want to try it. A couple of questions.
What do you do if you can't/don't complete the goals of a generation? Go on to the next one or keep trying it? Like I've always had trouble getting kids into private school even though I know the elements that are supposed to work. I'll serve lobster and get no points for food!
Once they start buying good stuff do we buy the most expensive stuff (furniture, wallpaper, floors) or can we use custom content that is really cheap but has a high comfort/environment rating?
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#12 Old 5th Jun 2011 at 10:49 PM
If you cant complete the goals they just bump to the next generation I guess, but with getting into private school trying over and over would probably be best, once they start buying good stuff just buy the perfect things for your ideal interior design, like I'm playing it now and I'm not using the most expensive, I'm just choosing my fav stuff which just happens to be a little expensive, custom content is allowed too.
I think the main challenge will be that people cant move out haha
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lauratje86, I think this is a rather neat premise, thanks! I'll have to give it a try sometime.
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You're welcome Phae :-) Having just seen it near the top of the challenges forum again has reminded me about it - I may give it another go myself sometime soon! :-)
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#15 Old 23rd Jun 2014 at 8:19 PM
I'm loving this challenge! Cheers for posting! :D
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Necromancy = OK. Someone ELSE'S challenge added to it? What?

Namaste... or "go"
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@lauratje86 it's been long..but *I* just fall on this now, and it looks like something I will enjoy SO much! I ok posting in here still ?
Agree with grammapat..what the heck? This is not very poilte...

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

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I started this challenge last night and I'm having fun so far. Still just the one room, but it's really nicely furnished . If I can figure out how to post screen shots I will sometime soon. I'm currently trying to get my founder to the top of the music career before I move her boyfriend in, that way they have two rooms and room for a double bed and a crib. But would it be better to move him in now and start on his career sooner....? If she doesn't max out her career in time, I'll just have to get her pregnant to keep the challenge going! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the house builds over time.
Question: If a sim maxes out on a second career, does that earn another room?
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I always like to hear about other people's games, especially if they're playing one of my challenges! :-)

Originally Posted by MrsDoomSock
Question: If a sim maxes out on a second career, does that earn another room?

I think that the LTW rerolls when it has been completed, right? If I am correct in thinking this, then yes, when your sim has reached the top of their first LTW career they may take a job in their new LTW career, and when they reach the top of that career they can add another room.

Also, in a small edit to the rules, instead of adding a 4x5 room when a sim reaches the top of their career, the player may choose to add a 4x5 outside area which may contain objects instead of an enclosed room. This is unlikely to be particularly useful early on in the challenge, when indoor space is at a premium, but may be of use later on in a multi-generational challenge - for example if all of the children born to a sim are males, as then you can place a telescope to try for abduction babies if you don't want to move in a female sim.
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This is my founder sim, Mariana Yamasaki:

She is a romance sim who wants to reach the top of the music career. It was rough going at first, with limited funds and only a 4 by 5 room, but eventually she got a few promotions and a few gifts from dates and ended up with this house:

She's got nice furniture now, but no room to expand. At this point I'm trying to get her to the top of the music career before moving in her boyfriend (Sanjay), but I run out of time (before she becomes an elder) and have to get her pregnant with the aspiration love tub:

Then she reaches the top of the music career the next day! She has a two room house now:

When I go to invite Sanjay over to ask him to move in, I find out that he doesn't have a phone because he's not a townie like I thought! He's actually a pre-made sim who's married So I move the two of them into a house and break them up by having him cheat, then move him in with Mariana. Now his ex-wife comes and knocks their trash can over every night .

They had a baby boy named Jude, who is now a toddler. Mariana became an elder:

and promptly retired. Now she stays home to raise Jude and Sanjay is trying to reach the top of the music career as well.
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Since this has come to the top I just seen it.

I have 1 question, can we use a Uni. student to start with and or can we create a Uni. student to start with and work them through collage in a dorm.

ADD another question.
When can we start using normal houses. By the time the 2nd gen age up to elders I can have at least 6 lvl 10 jobs completed if not 10 of them.
ADD 6/25/2016: Well it looks like I have hit 8 lvl 10 completed with just the first gen and after my teen gets out of Uni with his girlfriend they will marry and complete another 16 lvl 10 jobs at least, it could be way more and I will let you know once they both reach elderhood.

ADD again just in case it is ok to send or play a Uni. sims for this I started with Karen Goth. ( Not related to the Goth's of Pleasantview.)

First pic is when Karen first gets to the dorm she goes straight to the chess table and she does not seem to like it.

2nd pic is the streaker getting in the pool to harass my sim. (This is the first time this has ever happen in my game.)

3rd pic is my very first death of a sim I did not control.

ADD 4th pic of move in day.

ADD again another pic and !!!

Kile who just turn into a teen had a want to buy a telescope and as soon as he started to look through it he got abducted and here is the pic.

ADD Pic after they both turn to elder and I no longer allow them jobs.
Total of 9 lvl 10 jobs completed.

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marka93: I'd love to see a view of the interior of the house. Is there a second floor? I'm currently pondering how I might handle that, with stairs and whatnot.

I have a lot to update on! I'll go by the titles of the screenshots I uploaded, which you can hopefully see:

Sanjay death: Sanjay unfortunately died by electrocution while trying to repair the computer, even though he had 6 mechanical skill . Mariana wasted no time....

Enter Charlie: ...and got back with one of her old boyfriends. He moved in and they eventually got married.

Jude is a child: Jude aged up well into a child, with very cute pajamas.

Re-worked sleeping arrangements: I had to move things around to squeeze in a bed for Jude. No more armchair!

Jude is a teen: Jude aged up well into a teen. He became a fortune sim with a lifetime want to reach the top of the entertainment career.

Jumping rope in the bathroom: Charlie reached the top of his chosen career, and I finally built a bathroom! No more toilet in the living room! Thank goodness, they were driving me nuts shooing each other out of the room every 12 seconds. Mariana decided to celebrate by jumping rope in the bathroom, as one does.

Dorm: Jude is off to college!
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#23 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 1:23 AM Last edited by marka93 : 28th Jun 2016 at 1:15 AM.
I did not take any pics until both came home at the same time and was promoted to lvl 10 at the same time to finish off the first floor and Karen retired while her husband went on and did 1 more.

This pic is after 6 promotions. (I did not take any more pics until it was to late.) You can see all the area if you look at it all.
with these last two promotions the first floor was finish and the last pic in post #21 is after 9 promotions when he retired and left it up the the 2nd get to go on.

2nd gen has made it up to 3 floors completed with another wing done on the first floor, pics coming soon on this.

Both of the 1st gen have passed and the 2nd gen are now elders with the 3rd gen just went to collage.

ADD: Back with the pics.
1st floor with 11 promotions.
2nd floor with 9 promotions.
3rd floor with 9 promotions.

ADD 2 pics at collage for the 3rd gen. Johnny and Tammy Goth, brother and sister.
1st gen only had 1 child, 2nd gen had 2 kid and the 3rd and on gens will have 2 kids each family for 4 kids in the rest of the gens until I run out of room for more.

ADD on 6/27/2016 more pics.
This pic shows the 4th gen in the oven.
This pic shows the 2nd floor done with 2 more bedrooms making it 7 bedroom with 6 full baths.
3rd floor with more award items, I am gona need another floor soon.

If you notice in the 1st pic the 2 statues and in the last pic 4 statues with 2 of them have the star under and the star that is out normally goes under a statue but with this set up I no longer have to worry about my sims needs other than the pregnant sims having to sleep at night, all other needs are maintain at 100%.
Golden Skull of Jumbok IV.
This object will periodically give a small boost to the motives of Sims who are nearby.
The Gootentaugen Award for Excellence in Journalism.
This object will periodically give a small boost to the motives of Sims who are nearby.
"Starstruck" Personal Fame Stars.
This object will periodically give a small boost to the social motive of Sims who are in the same room.

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#24 Old 27th Jun 2016 at 10:47 PM
marka93: Thanks! I see that you combined a lot of your 4 by 5 rooms together to make larger rooms. I'm probably not going to do that, so I was concerned about fitting a staircase in the house, but you reminded me about the spiral staircase. Problem solved! Also thanks for the info about the career rewards, I had no idea some of them gave motive boosts.

Alyssa moves in: Jude went through college uneventfully and ended up graduating with honors. I had fun playing the three other students I moved into his dorm, to. In his last semester he met Alyssa and they quickly fell in love. After Jude moved back home with Charlie (now an elder), I invited her over and moved her in. I resisted the temptation to get her pregnant right away and decided to wait until Charlie finished his second career and retired so he could stay home and take care of the baby. Mariana had since died of old age.

Knight in shining armor: Jude is moving quickly through the entertainment career, and I thought this was one hilarious work uniform from the renaissance fair!

Room four: Once Charlie finished his second career, I added a second bedroom with a crib and some toys because...

Alyssa is pregnant: Finally! She and Jude are almost finished with their first careers, perfect timing.

Graveyard: Jude finished his career first, and I decided to make a little 4 by 5 graveyard at the corner of the lot. I usually like to keep the gravestones on the lot while I play a challenge, and they were taking up valuable space in the house.

A kitchen and a baby: Alyssa gave birth to a daughter, Andrina. The very next day she maxed out her culinary career and I added a separate kitchen/dining room.

Outside of the house: I remembered to take a shot of the outside of the house, but this is before I added the kitchen. It's a little wonky, but I almost always build symmetrical houses and I thought this would be an opportunity to do something a little different.
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#25 Old 28th Jun 2016 at 5:38 PM Last edited by marka93 : 29th Jun 2016 at 12:53 AM.
Well I came to the conclusion that this challenge went way to fast and I will start over.

Sims who go to collage have every job that starts out at lvl 8 or 9. (I will still use collage students but I will use the Sim Blender to change there job level to 5 instead of 8 or 9.)
I will also only have 1 child for each gen to keep the building of rooms down to a slower pace.

I will now go start it off and this time take more pics to show.

I wanted to say thank you to @lauratje86 for posting this challenge for I have not been able to play Sims 2 in well over 2 years and this challenge has broken that and now I am playing again.

Ok back with pics of my new start of this.

Meet Vernon Atkinson, and his house he will start out in with only 47$ left and his first job want of Education career.
He will not start out in Uni like my last start of this challenge so he will start out at the 1st lvl in his job and have to study and make friends to old fashion way.

ADD a pic of 2 days later where he has upgrade his chair and bed for better comfort and bought a phone to help him make more friends.

ADD: Got all requirements meet for lvl 10 and will either get it today or will have to wait 2 more days to get it for he will be off tomorow leaving him with either 6 days to elder or 4 days.
He will get married once he get the next room added and a double bed.

I was working on the dad getting him ready for work when I see this.

The toddler is eating snow! This is the first time I have seen this in my 10 years of playing Sims 2.

All my Beginning Hoods here at MTS.
All my Beginning Hoods as Shopping Districts plus Old Town.
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