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If you don't rename my meshes and recolors, then you may include them with your Lots.

Terms of Usage:

With my meshes:

  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may include with Sims.
  • You may include with recolours.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
  • Additionally:
    • You may recolour using my textures.
    • You may recolour making your own textures
With my recolours:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may include with Sims.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
With my walls/floors:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • You may re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
General terms:
  • Use for whatever you want.
  • SCIENCE!!!!!
  • Onoz!! Zmobies!!!

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  • New PJ's/Undies for Children

    by Rosebine 1st May 2019 at 2:59pm

    Comfortable night clothes for your precious kids. more...

  • Tokiboo Clothing, Mannequins

    by Rosebine 29th Apr 2019 at 5:51pm

    Children and Toddler immortalized in mannequins. more...

    +1 packs 10 8.6k 27

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • More Overalls..Male Child Version!

    by Rosebine 18th Apr 2019 at 2:02pm

    Everyone needs at least one pair of these. more...

    14 8.7k 27

    Male » Everyday » Child

  • More Overalls..Female Child Version!

    by Rosebine 13th Apr 2019 at 9:43pm

    I can never have enough of these, you? more...

    22 16.4k 74

    Female » Everyday » Child

  • Comfy Pregnancy Wear, Separates

    by Rosebine 13th Apr 2019 at 3:38pm

    Ever wish you could wear that pregnancy shirt without the pants? Now you can. more...

    15 8.9k 29

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • Separate Tops and Bottoms YAF-EF

    by Rosebine 10th Apr 2019 at 9:49pm

    Tank tops and short shorts for all situations, for your Young adult, adult and elder females. more...

    9 8k 27

    Female » Mixed Sets » Adult

  • Mad Scientist Both hands, Default Replacement

    by Rosebine 31st Mar 2019 at 3:45pm

    Times of lying and pretending is over! Show your hands, I know you take showers with them... more...

  • New Shorts, for Adults and Elders Female!

    by Rosebine 18th Mar 2019 at 12:51am

    Shorts can be worn by any Girl, at any age. more...

    6 6.2k 12

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • BreakDance BoomBox Stand alone

    by Rosebine 1st Mar 2019 at 11:48am

    Dance to the music, without Breaking yourself on a mat! more...

    13 6.3k 19

    By Function » Electronics » Audio

  • Featherless FT Turban, Default Replacement

    by Rosebine 21st Feb 2019 at 10:49pm , updated 24th Feb 2019 at 3:53am

    To be Feathered, or not to be Feathered ? This is not a question. Maybe your Genie loves it, maybe your Sim doesn't. Now, they have a choice. more...

  • FreeTime Tank Pattern Skirt, with Real Feet *Added DR version 3/27/19*

    by Rosebine 21st Feb 2019 at 10:32pm , updated 27th Mar 2019 at 10:18pm

    The real Outfit, the real sandals...paired with real feet. more...

    +1 packs 6 6.5k 11

    Female » Everyday » Child

  • Non-edgie Pool Edges *Base Game Compatible version added 4/12/2019*

    by Rosebine 21st Feb 2019 at 12:23am , updated 13th Apr 2019 at 5:16am

    100% Non-skid but 100% covering, Embellish your Pool area Today! more...

    +1 packs 60 19.7k 86

    Build Mode » Build Mode Sets

  • Realistic Sized Muffin!

    by Rosebine 7th May 2018 at 8:17pm

    A much smaller muffin as a Default Replacement. more...

  • Natural De Fences

    by Rosebine 13th Mar 2018 at 10:03am

    A very natural set including 9 new fences and 2 new gates. more...

  • Yang or Yin? Re-re-re Visited, Floors.

    by Rosebine 8th Mar 2018 at 11:57pm

    2 Perfect Floors for your deck, patio, Bistro... more...

  • Modern Tile Set Go! And More, Matching Floors.

    by Rosebine 7th Mar 2018 at 3:29am

    A set of floors that will match your Bathroom and Kitchen walls. more...

  • Bathroom Traditional Set

    by Rosebine 1st Mar 2018 at 3:00pm

    A very convenient Set of New Objects, to make your Sim's bathroom the Most Prettiest. more...

    20 27.4k 117

    By Room » Bathroom

  • Mansard Windows AddOns, 6 New Windows!

    by Rosebine 25th Feb 2018 at 11:31am

    A Bit Steep Mansard Roof Fans?..A Bit More Windows For You. more...

    +1 packs 19 14.7k 47

    Build Mode » Doors & Windows

  • Small Round Empire Window FIX

    by Rosebine 23rd Feb 2018 at 11:27pm

    Maxis must have been working over time and messed up this window's diagonal version... more...

    +1 packs 2 6.6k 20

    Game Mods » Global Mods » Default Replacements