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Default 2013 TS2 Official Contest Chat Thread
This is the official TS2 chat thread for our Cultural Diversity Sim Contest!

Here you can post chatty stuff about the contest like:
  • Awesome! I want to join!
  • ”The entries are great! My favorite is Simmer1234’s entry for china!”
  • Various other chattery type things - but please do not spam! Remember, we have a Private Message system so this thread is not for conversations you could easily have via PM or IM.

You can also post:
  • additional pictures for your entry or pictures for a third, fourth, etc entry - you're only allowed two official entries per person and three images max per entry, but if you have more shots, post them here!
  • If your category fills up before you get a chance to enter it, post your pictures for everyone to see!
  • If you don’t want to compete for various reasons but still want to share your pictures.
  • If you have pictures that don't fit exactly and still want to share.
  • If you want to discuss or ask for advice about the country/nationality you’ve chosen.

Please remember to BE NICE! - You can post comments on the entries but don't be mean about it. Positive stuff or nicely-put constructive comments only! Remember, the main point of this contest is FUN!
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Default Let me just say... I LOVE this contest!
Cultural diversity is a huge reason why we live where we do - 3 miles North of Cindy's Castle (Cinderella Castle, Walt Disney World, FL) ;-)

I've been working on a looong project - which I may get uploaded someday (If I ever finish it!) - I'm slowly building an International neighborhood/community. I call it EPSCOT; it is an Experimental Prototype Sim Community for Today (I hope 'Uncle Walt' isn't rolling over too fast...)

Anyway, one of my characters is Tuvaluan - If I can get her to sit still long enough for a picture, I'll be diving in to this competition shortly. This will be my first ever contest entry. WOOT!

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I would love to join this contest!

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Originally Posted by Graciouse
I would love to join this contest!

Aw Graciouse, I'm sorry to tell you that this contest ended 2 weeks ago.

I'm sure there will be other contests to join soon.
You can watch for new contest banners or check the contest forums.
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