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Default The God Complex
One of the reasons why The Sims Franchise and other games alike are so successful is because people can play as "God." When we play the Sims 4, we can easily determine the lives of some fated characters all within the click of a button.
We regulate a few sims and decide each and every one of their specific interactions and choices. However, let's step back for a second.

GOAL: The goal of this challenge is to Create a City (or World) from scratch. You will be constructing all the buildings and creating all the sims that live in the city.

First, create an empty world. I recommend to use Newcrest because it is already empty. If you want to use another world, then make sure to bulldoze the lots.
Task 1 - Buildings
To be a city, your world must have some buildings in it. It's up to you to build them! There are no restrictions on how they are built, as long as they function properly.
1. Museum
2. Library
3. Park OR National Park
4. Pool
5. Lounge
6. Nightclub OR Bar
7. Gym
Your city must have AT LEAST 3 Residential lots. This can be in the form of houses, mansions, apartments, penthouses, private circle homes, etc.

- Any extra empty lots in your city can be filled with any type of building you desire. But ALL of the lots MUST be filled.
- Generic but non-functional lots are allowed such as a hospital.
- If you have the appropriate DLCS, you can also build Restaurants, Retail Stores, Cafes, Karaoke Bars and Spas.

Again, you're building ALL of these lots from scratch!

Task 2 - Sims
Of course, you must have Sims in your world as well! Otherwise, it'd be quite boring. It's up to you to create and house all the sims in your city.
1. A family of 4 or more people. Move them into a residential lot. (2 parents and 2 children)
2. Fill any other residential lots with at least 1 Sim.
3. A Cook
4. A Librarian
5. A Mixologist
6. A Gym Trainer
7. A Lifeguard
8. Two Garbage Men
9. Two Security Guards
10. Three Police Officers
11. A Businessman

For #3 - #11.
- After you have created these sims, you can choose to move them into a residential home or not. It's up to you.
- You can make them apart of a bigger family.
---- For example: If you choose to move the Librarian into a home, you can also make them married to the Lifeguard and put them both into the same lot. Though, again, this is up to you.
- You can create more sims if you want to. There's no limit to how many sims can fit in a world.

So just to recap, the goal of this challenge is to:
- Create a Whole Entire City
1) Building Lots from Scratch
2) Making Sims from Scratch (and moving them into the lots)

That's it. That's the whole challenge. Hope you have fun!
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So basically do the things I hate about Sims. Heck, I make my MOM make my sims for me!
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It doesn't sound much like a challenge. Sounds more like "build a city with a few guidelines in place". This is more or less how some people play, anyway.

A challenge needs clear goals and a set of rules to either make things easier or harder, depending on the challenge. The 7 toddler challenge is a good example (a single parent raising 7 toddlers to the age of child without any of them getting taken away, without using cheats, and probably a few more rules in place). You begin with a set of challenging rules, and you have a clear goal to reach, and anything can go wrong (or right) in between.
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No thanks. RL already has way too much of these. lol

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