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Default Fixing problems with the Ultimate Collection - general advice.
I often see players being advised to repair their games in Origin. that is not how it works.

Any problems you experience should be treated in the exact same way as if you are using disks. Follow the exact same steps from here: http://modthesims.info/wiki.php?tit...lp:Game_Problem

While a repair is a lot easier than uninstalling and reinstalling, it is not going to fix broken cc or a mod conflict for you. You need to find that yourself.

If the game does not want to start - delete the cache files first.
If the thumbnails look bad, delete the thumbnail folder as well.
The game should start in most cases.

Use a repair only after all of the above has not worked. It is mostly needed when some of the files needed for the game to run are deleted (often by players using a cc or registry cleaner which may delete some of the files the game needs to run).
A repair should not have any effect on your cc or your hood, but make a backup just in case, for I have no idea when and how updates will affect things.

After a repair, you may need to redo the graphic rules, add the 4GB patch again, download a new copy of the CEP and the Scriptorium, install your cc camera mod again, etc. - this seems to differ from system to system, but it is a good idea to keep all these progams/ cc in a folder on your computer (mine is called Sims Restart Kit). If you do not need to go and search for anything, it saves a lot of time (it took me around 10 minutes the last time I did it, which is still a lot faster than reinstalling with disks).

Don't uninstall the UC - leave that for when you get a new pc or laptop.
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#2 Old 9th Jul 2018 at 1:58 PM
Great tutorial! Surely will help a lot of people!

Moved it to help though so people with these certain issues will see how to repair it!

EDIT: Gave it a sticky because we really do think it's a good general advice that hasn't been mentioned in the UC FAQ yet!
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