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Default University Mini Challenge
I play a Generational, Wants-Based, Rotational style Hood. I find that sending all the appropriate Teen Sims to University at once, and having to play them all through half their university career, can end up being a little boring. I believe I am not alone in finding the college years not as much fun sometimes.

As such, I have created a list of Mini Challenges for my sims. If I find I am not interested or committed, I will either roll the dice or pick from the list.
These are designed to work with a pre-existing hood, where sims were teens and are going to become adults. Which means they work for almost any Hood.
I have every expansion pack and stuff pack. Many of these challenges require more than the base game + university, although there are definitely a good number that only require those two.

The rules of the challenge are to accomplish the suggested task. Ideally, with your sim passing their classes.
You can use whatever mods & rules already exist in your game. Some of these require mods (like getting married or having kids at university). Try not to violate the intention of a challenge - for instance, using a mod that improves sims ability to play as a band are find for trying to earn $5000, but constantly boosting your energy motive with cheats when your sim is staying awake for 72 hours straight isn't.
Time limits can be: The entire 4 years of uni; two years; one year; one semester. You can decide which works best, or escalate if you are repeating a challenge. You can also escalate in terms of accomplishments - for instance, instead of $5000, try for $10 000.

Please let me know how these work out for you, if you are successful, and if you have any suggestions to add to the list.

University Mini Challenges

1 - Join Secret Society
2 - Seduce all applicable dormies in your dorm (based on your sim and on the dormies' sexual orientations)
3 - Befriend all dormies in your dorm
4 - Max 2 hobbies.
5 - Paint portraits of all YA friends
6 - Make $5000 from being in a band
7 - Live in a house with two graves/ghosts, and graduate
8 - Max 1 skill
9 - Makeover 6 YA sims (clothes and appearance)
10 - Get a gold badge
11 - Join a Greek House.
12 - Start a Greek House.
13 - Friend all living members of your Greek House. Invite them for a party. (Intended for Generational play were adults and elders were in the Greek House when they were YAs)
14 - Make $5000 catching fish
15 - Fall in Love/Go steady/Get Engaged with as many sims as possible until someone gets jealous.
16 - Pass without attending a single class
17 - Seduce the cow, llama, cheerleader, cafeteria worker and streaker
18 - Friend the cow, llama, cheerleader, cafeteria worker and streaker
19 - Use aspiration reward to steal all needed skill points
20 - Make $5000 selling date reward objects
21 - Make $5000 selling date reward objects; cannot go on second dates
22 - Free will only! No controlling sim at all.
23 - Make 5 enemies
24 - Prank 10 different sims
25 - Find all the bugs
26 - Get abducted by aliens
27 - Make Greek House members from two different houses enemies
28 - Set relationship with Greek House members to 0, then try to join (mini game) - a challenging mini game if not already friends.
29 - Woohoo in a bed, hot tub, elevator, change room, car, closet, sauna, hammock, photo booth, tent, and helicopter (well maybe helicopter is not realistic for University Goals)
30 - Fulfill as many fears as possible in one term (10 minimum)
31 - Put Sim in aspiration failure. Don't intentionally fulfill any wants (autonomous allowed). Try to pass the term.
32 - Get a pet and teach them all commands
33 - Make $5000 as a DJ
34 - Make $5000 from working in the cafeteria
35 - Make $5000 from working as barista
36 - Make $5000 from working as bartender
37 - Make $5000 from selling Outing Rewards
38 - Never sleep. Only use the Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer to replenish motives
39 - Make $5000 hustling pool
40 - Befriend the bartender, waiters, coffee barista and DJ
41 - No preparing food - only delivery (for sims not living in dorms)
42 - Get a gardening award
43 - Have 8 playables in the same household. Make sure they all live. If ideally they also graduate.
44 - Befriend or seduce college professor
45 - Have sim stay awake for full term (72) hours - no sleeping or napping. Coffee, aspiration rewards, boost from dream date, etc., only.
46 - Have sim gaze at clouds/stars daily
47 - Get all hobby cards
48 - Make 30 best friends
49 - Photo shoot - create a photo album representing ideal university life
50 - Have a log rolling competition between your Greek House sims.
51 - Have a cooking contest or dancing contest - for Greek House, between Greek Houses, for dormies or roommates.
52 - Only increase grade by influencing others to do school work
53 - Have a disaster couple - break up and reconcile at least once a year
54 - Have 6 sims of different aspiration move into one house.
55 - Have 4 romance sims move into one house
56 - Have 5 terrible dates
57 - Have an outstanding outing with every member of your family
58 - Become estranged from entire family (make relationship with all relatives 20 or less through negative interactions)
59 - Have high school sweethearts throw a huge wedding spending all their college savings. Have them divorce before graduation
60 - Take a spring break and send your YA on vacation for a week.
61 - Send 8 single sims on vacation together
62 - Have a baby; have twins; have triplets; have quads
63 - Dig up buried treasure

Good luck!
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Some of them sound like fun like maxing out a skill not already maxed out while in high school is realistic and a few others might be possible for sims who grew up in the hometown and have a skills advatage over bin students.I would make that special by not having all older kids get to attend sime not all of them even attended school and some only attended as children and went to work full time as teens.
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As my rotation is finally at university, I have begun giving these a try.
Richard Picaso moved into a dorm with 5 other rooms - all of them dormies. Interestingly, all of them women. Good thing I'm not trying to get him to woohoo with all of them because it is a struggle.
Richard is already finished first year. He has successfully befriended one of them. There are two more where his STR score is almost 50. And two more where he's still essentially at 0. And bizarrely, the one who is actually his friend is the only one with negative bolts. The others have one or two bots for him, but that hasn't seemed to help one bit.
Well, he has another year before he has to move out of the dorm based on my rules, so hopefully by then he will successfully succeed in #3 from the list above.
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Richard has made friends with all 4 dormies. He has half a semester now to make best friends with them before he's supposed to move out.
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I'll be waiting for some time before Dodge is even ready to add it's own high school campus and high school in the home town is happening long before a campus is added to the town because I'm playing a BACC and this is an extension of that to be played when the town unlocks high school.
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I love the idea of the mini challenges! A lot of my sims end up joining the secret society somehow, I think because they grew up together as children/teens and were already friends, so by the time one of them gets inducted, it's like falling dominoes for the rest. I also find it way too easy to pass the year, so I might make an effort to not do assignments or go to classes. Should make things a bit more interesting!
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