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Default The Lothario Challenge, or the 20 Woohoo Challenge
I'm playing through this for the second time now and it's pretty fun, so I thought I'd submit it in case anyone else wanted to have a go. I'm never super-strict with numerical scoring etc, it's more of a gameplay idea.

Fair warning: This is NOT for simmers who are inexperienced with sim pregnancy. It is difficult and if you are not careful you will lose sims.
It is also prone to causing very large family sizes. Don't play if your computer can't handle large families.

The idea is simple: Try and get your founder sim to fulfil a LTW of woohoo with 20 sims, and deal with all of the consequences of that decision along the way.

Needed mods:
Some kind of teleporter
A way to change LTW in game, or SimPE The Sim Blender can achieve both of these aims, but there are other options. I won't link them all
A way to enable more than 8 sims on a lot. I like BO's Unlimited Sims, but you can use any.

Recommended mods:
WoohooLTWfix by Pescado - if it bothers you that the LTW memory may get assigned to a random other sim (I haven't tested without)
Woohoo Count Fix by Simler90 - prevents the game from counting the same partner twice if you woohoo in public, causing the LTW to be fulfilled early
Cyjon's Debugger - allows you to check the total woohoo count (LTW Report) including public vs private, in case you prefer not to use the previous fix, or just save counting memories manually.

Getting started:
Prep: Pick a neighbourhood with at least 20 playable adult female sims. You can use an established neighbourhood, or create a brand new one with *at least* 20 playable females. I find around 30 is a good amount in order to make the hood feel like a full community, if you're starting from scratch. You can do whatever you want with the women in the hood at this point, but it's kind of cheaty to make them all super-rich or permaplat, so don't do that. If I batch create them, then I tend to make them in shared-house groups to start out with and use No20kHandouts, otherwise they all have way too much money (IMO).

1. Create your founder sim. They must be a male adult sim with the Romance aspiration. Personality can be set however you like. Move him into a 5x5 lot, either empty or with a starter house on it (up to 20k, full value/no magic wand use). If 5x5 is too big for your compter to handle, just choose the biggest lot size you would play. But heed my warning above about large households.

2. Use your cheat item or exit to SimPE and change your founder's LTW until it rolls up to "Woohoo with 20 sims". Secondary aspiration can be set however you like, if you play with Freetime. If you play using sexuality mods, make sure he is set to heterosexual, or at least bisexual.

Step one: Woohoo, baby!
Your founder's aim in life is to fulfil his LTW as fast as possible. So greet walkbys, bring friends home from work, go to community lots, etc. However! He is only allowed to woohoo with eligible sims. To be eligible, the sim must have the ability to get pregnant. This means that she must be:

Adult (and have more than 5 days before her elder transition)
Not already pregnant to somebody else
Not set as infertile or on birth control thanks to a mod

When you have completed a woohoo interaction, you are allowed to finish the date or wait for her to go home. But then you must leave the founder's lot, save and immediately enter the female sim's home lot.

Step two: Reciprocal arrangement
As soon as it is possible in game (e.g. your female sim is not sleeping/at work/about to starve or fall asleep on the floor, and it's the correct hour to invite somebody over) invite your founder sim over to your female sim's house, or if you don't want to wait for daylight/him to finish work, teleport him, and invite him to woohoo. If possible, recreate the same type of woohoo (bed/hot tub/photo booth/community lot/etc) - this helps with the counting. The important part: It must be Try For Baby.

If you hear pregnancy chimes, your female sim has until the first bump pop to prepare for moving in with the founder. She may gather objects from her home lot in her inventory. You may play other lots (including the founder) in the meantime, but you may not leave her in limbo forever. I tend to try and keep the hood (or at least the mother-to-be and founder's lot) in this scenario roughly in sync using rotations, weekdays, seasons or the lot sync timer. Play her until the bump pop and then save and leave her lot at the first safe opportunity. Load the founder's lot immediately after this.

Step three: Responsibility calls
As soon as it is possible on your founder's lot, invite the pregnant sim over and Propose: Move In. If the relationship is not high enough, she may refuse, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on where this is, especially if any jealousy interactions have caused a problem between you in the meantime. If you're really having trouble getting her to accept, or your bigger household mod requires it, use a teleporter cheat item to manually add her to the founder's family. However, bear in mind that doing it this way she won't bring any money with her. It's up to you if you want to figure out a way to transfer some money across and work out how much it should be. If the female sim has dependent children (including teens) in her household, it's your choice whether to leave them with their other parent, or bring them with her. If she is a single parent, she has no choice, she must bring them. Pets can be brought or they can be given away to any other sim in the neighbourhood.

But this is where the tricky part begins. You may ONLY control a female sim if her aspiration is platinum. Otherwise, everything has to be done via your founder. There are a couple of exceptions:
- You may control her in order to fix a glitch or help clear a routing "traffic jam" - if she resets because of a bug on the way to do something autonomously, you may reinstate the action.
- If a sim is unemployed, a controllable sim is allowed to look in the newspaper or computer for eligible jobs "for them", you may then control the unemployed sim to allow them to search for job themselves
- You may freely select Freetime perks and empty her inventory e.g. if she went shopping on a community lot, or earned a career reward, you can place it for anyone to use.
- You may change her appearance and plan outfit, but not in a cheaty way - ie, if she's about to sleep through her carpool, you can't tell her to change her hair in order to wake her up. Just when it doesn't interfere with other things.
- You can control any sim in order to plead with the grim reaper if someone dies on the lot.

It is your founder's responsibility to ensure that his partners are in a good enough mood to keep their jobs, care for their offspring, have enough food and sleep. This is NOT an easy task, particularly while juggling skill building for work to support his growing family, taking care of infants himself and trying to chase the rest of his LTW. So it's a good idea for him to try and fulfil as many of his partners' wants as possible in order to keep them in platinum aspiration and allow you to control them. But if they slip even into gold, they become uncontrollable again.

The founder and any women living on his lot may NOT propose, nor may you make any other sim propose to them: Engagement, marriage, move-in or committed relationship, even if they keep rolling the want to. If any of the female sims are already married or engaged or in committed relationships with other sims when they move in, you can break those relationships off when the female sims are controllable, or just leave them intact, but you may not propose any further steps while she's living on the lot with the founder.

Oh and one more point - when any adult living on the lot rolls a woohoo want, you must lock it and fulfil it, again using TFB if it involves the founder. If a female sim living on the lot falls pregnant to another man, it's up to you whether she keeps that baby living with her, or you can use a teleporter to add them to the father's family if he is playable, and he can look after them.

Once the baby/babies are born, your founder will most likely need to look after them as well, if the mother is not currently controllable. As far as children go:
Babies are not controllable anyway.
Toddlers who have not yet learned to talk: You may not open their wants or need panels. You may look at their skills, memories or personality.
Toddlers who have not yet learned to walk: You may not control them directly
(It can be useful to invent a visual shorthand for ability to walk/talk e.g. a CC dummy (pacifier) for non-talking toddlers, switching them from a romper/onesie type outfit to one with clothing for walking)
Children/Teens: You may control them freely. Teens are allowed to move to university only when they have eight or fewer remaining days in their age span. Otherwise, they can move out when they become adults.

Female sims MUST remain living on the lot as long as they have dependent children of the founder (unborn up to teens) living on the lot as well. If she does not have any children on the lot because they have grown up and moved out (or died) then she is allowed to move out using the computer or newspaper. You don't need to wait until she is in platinum aspiration. She can take items with her in her inventory, her own children who are not fathered by the founder, and pets, but not the founder's children and not the other women's children.

If any sim dies on the lot, you must keep the grave around until the ghost appears. The morning after, you may move it to a community lot graveyard.

If the founder dies before he has completed his 20 woohoos, but is able to be resurrected by one of the other sims without using cheat objects and while following the other rules, you may continue the challenge. If you cannot resurrect him, you lose the challenge.
If a female sim dies, welp, that's bad, and you should feel bad. You were supposed to be looking after her. However, I have actually found it extremely difficult to complete this challenge without any deaths at all, so I'm just setting a cap: No more than 25% of the female sims who move in are allowed to die. Of course, if you can resurrect them, then they don't count towards the 25%. So don't panic if your first/second woohoo partner is the one which teaches you how serious that hunger motive REALLY is. You only count this by the end of the challenge.
If the social worker comes and takes any children, you fail the challenge. Sorry, there's no halfway there. You are allowed to use a mod which makes the social worker checks a little more sane, but no mods completely disabling the social worker.
Animal control coming and removing pets is another "you should probably feel bad" situation, but not a failure condition.
Children/teens dying or running away, or miscarriages (after the first trimester) if you use a miscarriage hack, also have a 25% cap and should be counted/kept track of somehow. More than 25% and the challenge is lost.

Step four: LTW achieved
Once your founder has achieved his 20 woohoo LTW, the challenge is complete once the last pregnant sim has successfully given birth. (You could also choose to extend this period until the youngest child of one of the original 20 woohoos enters the teen stage, but the founder is allowed to die in the meantime, without failing the challenge.)

After this - it's up to you what to do. You can either leave everyone living together like one big happy family until the children grow up, or allow all the women to move out with their children, marry the founder to whoever he rolls the want for first and move everyone else out, or whatever you feel is best!

Shining Example:
You raised all of your children to sufficiency. Everyone is still alive. All toddlers got their skills, all teens were overachievers, at least one adult aside from the founder achieved their LTW.
Wow! This is incredible - you are the super provider.

Solid Provider:
Everyone survived, but real life happened - some toddler skills went untaught, LTWs (except the founder's) were unachieved, teens were simply average.
You got through the hard times and focused on what was really important. Well done.

Routine Relative:
You experienced at least one of the following: A premature death or miscarriage, a teen runaway, animal control removal.
Nobody's Perfect. You had a hard time and maybe the kids didn't have the best environment to grow up in. But hey, at least you tried.

Black Sheep:
You experienced several of the following (but not quite the 25% cap): A premature death or miscarriage, a teen runaway, animal control removal.
You just scraped through this challenge. But if you had fun playing it, perhaps it's worth trying again, using what you've learned?

Brood Bungler:
Your founder died or became too old before completing his LTW (and was not resurrected), you lost over 25% of your partners or children, or your children were taken by the social worker.
You failed the challenge. You didn't look after your partners or children well enough.

Tips and hints/mod clarifications
- Custom toddler beds are allowed and highly recommended for multi-toddler households.
- Instead of using Try For Baby all the time, you can also use a risky woohoo mod to take care of this for you, but you need to be able to tune it so that the chance of pregnancy is fairly high, otherwise the challenge isn't very challenging. I would recommend at least 25% when fertility is taken into account (e.g. when using ACR) or closer to 50-60% for a harder challenge (TFB is 60% in a bed). Bear in mind the effects on other sims in your hood.
- Silent pregnancy is allowed, it just means you will have to wait for the first bump pop to confirm pregnancy, if your sim doesn't get morning sickness. You may wish to use a pregnancy scanner mod to check who the father is before you move the sim in.
- ACR is allowed, and if you have ACR you can ignore the requirement to lock and fulfil woohoo wants, as long as risky or unmarried TFB is enabled. They will woohoo enough with this in the game, IME.
- If you play with Smart Beds, you can control female sims in order to assign her a bed, otherwise she'll never autonomously go to sleep, which is havoc in pregnancy, or she will get attached to your founder's bed and that doesn't work if several sims all try to sleep there at once. I would actually consider taking it out, because it is really frustrating for non-control challenges like this, but if you really want to play with it, this is the workaround.
- Give your founder a non-dominant hair and eye colour or make sure he has recessive genes (SimPE or create his "parents" in CAS) unless you do not mind his children all having very similar colouring.
- Freetime perks for Romance are really worth having for this challenge.
- Hacks which make people autonomously look after themselves super-efficiently, like Macrotastics, go against the grain of the challenge and are not really allowed. I'm also inclined to ban mods which enable autonomous eating of leftovers or food from inventory, just because it's part of the challenge to try and keep everyone (especially the pregnant sims) fed.
- Aspiration and career rewards as earned in-game are allowed - use them! Buyable versions are not allowed.
- You can also use a mod which allows non-selectable characters to get pregnant, in order that you don't have to create so many sims. If you do this, you can skip the waiting for bump stage, since I don't think those pregnancies in NPCs progress. I would just recommend to stagger your woohooing in order to allow time for any pregnancies to progress, if you don't want to suddenly go from 0 to 10 pregnant sims in your house at once.
- If you make all the sims from scratch and make your male founder first, he will have the lowest neighborhood-ID number and therefore be the person everyone spies on with the telescope, which is highly entertaining.
- Some kind of mod to reduce jealousy is recommended, otherwise it will become chaotic very quickly as vanilla game behaviour is to develop jealousy just from crushes. However, one which removes jealousy altogether would probably make it a bit too easy, IMO.
- Homework reduction or management mods are OK, but you can't flexi-school the kids or use a mod which prevents homework altogether. It's part of the challenge of having a household with a lot of kids.
- I really really do not recommend the "harder pregnancy" or "harder labor" mods for use with this challenge. OTOH, mods which make pregnancy easier are not allowed.
- Triplets and quads is totally allowed. Set to random. Set the odds as you like. Enjoy the chaos.
- Birthday cake for babies avoids the endless attempts to age them up, or there is a fix here at MTS

"Pregnancy for all" - use a pregnancy for all genders hack and skip all the gender requirements! Helps if you don't want a really gender-unbalanced hood. It would probably be a good idea to make your founder unable to get pregnant him/herself.

"Not even if you were the last man on Earth!" - have every no-regen and anti-redundancy hack in and start with only your single adult male founder + 30ish female sims. The female sims then have extremely limited choice of partners - basically each other, any male NPC they can force to spawn, or the founder - or have to turn to unconventional methods in order to have children. Drama abounds! (This is my favourite variation, and how I tend to play).

Make everything *more deadly and fun!!* with the Real Sickness hack and the More Dangerous Fire mod. These are particularly terrible in large, uncontrollable households. Add the bedwetting hack if you want potty training toddlers to also count for something, like the walk/talk rules.


Co sleeper for babies/toddlers, and teen career overhaul (also custom schools) Plus! TS2:UNI careers enabled for teens: Here at simbology
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