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Localization of CC-Worlds
Hi there!
I create my own world — Hawessinmoor. I live in country that native language isn't English or similar to it, so I want to add localization of my world. You will download only ONE .sims3pack file — and here you go! If you change your in-game language via s3lc, you'd play the same world at another language.

Need a big help of code and .packages files pros.
I'm trying to make a localization for my own world. have found few files that mentioned a localization or strings of languages.

Also, I found this thread on MTS. It can't help me, but there's some things that I noticed below.

I discovered all the .world files that I have. So, we have something interesting things.
In installed world using game launcher we have an .xml file. And there's a string of localization! Wow, that was easy, wasn't it?

But now I'll disappoint you. This, unfortunately, doesn't work! Localization isn't displayed. I'll say to you more things, world is disappearing from the game. But also in this file you can add only localized name and description of the world. You can't add localization of addresses, of sims, of lot's names. And the main thing... this file doesn't appear at the .world file at CAW, and it isn't exporting if you put it in manually.

So, in _KEY «texturedatabase» file at S3PE in CAW version we have a pointed strings files! For all the languages. But what a sad thing — you don't have these files at s3pe! I tried to search this files by name, by instance, no STBL tag files. There wasn't anything.

By the way, I've found a program recently for .packages mods localization. I tried to open .world (it's the same like a .package file) using this program and have seen that there weren't any STBL files. Program suggested to create me them. So, they're all will be blank one.
A good points for researching EA's secrets, isn't it?
Test Subject
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I tried to find the lines which responsible for the text data of world by opening the .world file through s3pe. I found only the code names of objects there, nothing about their name or description, they are simply classified by the code name. Then I decided to check how EA world are localized and found this. I dug into The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\DeltaPackages\po4 folder by opening through STBL and found a description of Twinbrook there. Therefore, the translation exists separately from the world file. In addition, they are scattered in each of the p20 DeltaBuild folders. But I don't know how it works with custom worlds, since the EA world is part of the game, installed with an add-on, and the custom world is like additional material so its text data should be cache or like something (I think). If STBL manager is the only program that can make a translation and generate it so that it is understandable to the game language, then you need to find these files anyway. And any files responsible for the cache that I opened, whether it be WorldCaches or DCCache, do not show any translation data. STBL manager just shows empty space.
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