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Default Back Alley Sims and Chris Hatch's Family Friendly Hacks
I was discussing some of Chris Hatch's mods with joandsarah77 and I thought that it's a pity that some of his family friendly mods probably don't get as much exposure as they deserve due to having to wade through a sea of boobs in order to find them. XD

So I decided to dig out the family friendly ones I could find and post the direct links for people who want to avoid the nekkidness found while searching through BAS with all the adult hacks (Not me; I admit. I downloaded the heck out of the naughty stuff. XD).

Hospital mod. I personally love this. Takes a bit of setting up, but it's worth it as you can send sick sims to hospital to be cured and send pregnant sims there to have their babies. Pick the family friendly version or your nurses will be of the slutty variety!

Working religions. Make your own gods/goddesses and choose what morals each religion follows. You'll want to use an NPC clothing changer on the nun who is included, because she is wearing a distinctly unnunlike outfit.

Instructions for faith.

Shareable baths. No naughtiness involved (nakedness obviously, because who bathes in their clothes, but censor blurs should remain intact). Couples can bathe together and kids can bathe together as well (I remember sharing a bath with my brother when we were kids).

Buyable baby clothes. No more DRs needed and as many outfits as you can find (and your sims can afford). A lot of other sites have linked this one on their own pages, but in case anyone hasn't discovered it yet here is the original.

Bloom's baby hair (linked in the post) fixed to allow different hair for different genders.

Children can pick flowers for Mum.

Wedding Mat that allows you to assign female children or toddlers as bridesmaids.

Second Honeymoons.

Wedding cake that can be eaten on Honeymoon.

Fixed Store edition stuff.

Fix for the Butler Controller bug.

Maternity outfits for teens.

Pregnancy relationship adjustment. No more tricking your husband into raising the maid's child as their own lol.

Turn on/off adjuster. Allows you to have more than the standard number of turn on/offs.

Telescope abduction fix. I don't use this one myself as I'm not sure if it's safe to make friends with the PT, but for anyone who wants it.

Controller to slow down or speed up time.

The next three all get the respective age group out of the house for a while and give them various chances to make friends/learn skills.

Senior's Activity Centre

Weekend Camping for Children

Playgroup Phone Service

Childcare Centre


An alternative way of handling custom NPC controllers.

Apartments at University

Orphan Display Cot (for adopting children)

Sims can take the bus

And a version that lets children catch a bus alone.

Go to school with your kids.

The ability to control ghosts and to put your sim's picture on their grave.

Lot Cleaner

Weather Fix for weather at community lots.

Fixes ages of current sims to match when you install or remove an age mod.

CAS UI fix for widescreen monitors

Market Stalls that different families can run.

The Globe (visit site for description)

Adult Female Butlers

Go to work with your sims.

And finally, six that do have breasts showing, but not in a sexual way (mainly because they're regarding pregnancy). If you want these then you have been warned.

Alternate pregnancy controllers. Adds a chance of miscarriage and supports continuing teen pregnancies (you still have to knock them up with something else) for people who don't want/are sick of Inteen.

Visit other sims. Lets your sims visit other sims' houses with their own cars (nothing dodgy going on in the pictures; the model just forgot to put her shirt on lol).

Text Message Flirting Enabled (very skimpy outfit on one of the ladies, but the hack itself involves no nudity).

Nurse Baby Extra. Adds a boost to the mother and baby's relationship and a cuddle at the end to Squinge's breastfeeding mod (link to Squinge's mod,8084.0.html).

Midwife service that works with the hospital mod, for sims who want to have their baby at home.

Ask about another sim's family/address (naughty picture in background)

There are a couple of other family friendly mods that are paired up with some racier ones, so if you want nickable hotel towels or a men don't hit girls hack or more sane reactions to naked sims then let me know and I could probably upload the hacks somewhere. I didn't include fashion shows or fixes for the BV Hotel maid because you can get those at Paladin's Place as well.

If I missed anything or if you have any questions then let me know! And if anyone is interested in adult hacks you can find just about anything you could desire or imagine if you browse around the Back Alley Sims site.
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Charity this is a great idea but... I get a "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page." page. Now since I did join I could log in (if I could remember my password but it's been ages) But anyone who isn't a member will probably have to register. I'll have to see if I can recover the password tomorrow as it's way too late over here now.

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Ah, damn. I didn't think of that because I am a member. Yeah, I think you do need to register. The registering page is nudity free, here.
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Charity, you should post what your username is over there so that I can give you credit for the referral. :P

This is probably a good place to ask this. I've actually looked at the BAS EPs a couple times, but I was always discouraged by the lack of backwards compatibility. What I mean is, I don't ever install anything in my game that I can't take out. This is basically limited to three things: custom foods, custom careers, and invisible NPC objects. Unfortunately, careers are a part of the BAS EP, but if you frequent that site often, you'd probably know how much of the stuff from the EP is available separately. I do remember reading about some stuff in the EP that sounded cool, but since careers are included, I don't want it all. I just had a hard time (or maybe a lack of patience) trying to figure out how to get just specific mods/objects rather than the whole kit and caboodle. < - New Prosperity Challenge. Last update: 6/9/14
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My username over there is just Charity322. I looked at the EPs as well, but I just didn't want all of the stuff they had in them. I prefer to be able to pick and choose the parts I want, which is why I'm grateful that Chris has separated out quite a few things. Not all, unfortunately, but a lot. I wouldn't mind getting the working daycare separated out and the skiing.
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Great list, Charity. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

I have a number of Chris Hatch's mods already, but you listed a few that I've not taken a look at. Will have to do that.

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Originally Posted by Charity
Bloom's baby hair (linked in the post) fixed to allow different hair for different genders.

That's what I call "genetic hair" over at my site, in case anyone wants other styles.

You can't actually have separate hairs with the mod, as they use the same textures for both genders. The only real difference is the bow. I tried adding extra textures and add a different mesh, but wasn't very successful.
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I've often wondered about some of his ..."stuff" - and I am registered over there. But, I just don't have enough eye-bleach to browse through everything. Thank you soooo much for this list.

I (and my 10 yr-old, who's always looking over my shoulder, wanting new shineys for her game too) thank YOU!!!

That hospital mod has intrigued me for a looong time - must think more about it...

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Thanks Charity for saving my eyes! (And that of many others!)
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I'm really confused with the visiting other sims mod.
Do you have to remove the complete hospital mod, and then install the visiting sims mod or just the "core" hospital mod? Because I have loads of hospital extras installed like the nurses and stuff.
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#11 Old 23rd Jul 2014 at 8:55 PM
A small word of warning - some of Chris Hatch's mods conflict with other mods. It's not really his fault, there are a lot of mods out there and you can't really expect him to make his stuff compatible with everything. I'm just posting this to say if you use any game changing mods, make sure you read the instructions carefully when DL Chris Hatch's stuff. You may need to take a decision about which mod you want to use.

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Originally Posted by Mumty
I'm really confused with the visiting other sims mod.
Do you have to remove the complete hospital mod, and then install the visiting sims mod or just the "core" hospital mod? Because I have loads of hospital extras installed like the nurses and stuff.

There is a version of the visiting other sims mod that includes the hospital mod and you need to replace the hospital mod with it like so.

"The first of these (CJH_Hospital+Visit-Pets-to-AL) uses the phone dialogue instead of the travel dialogue which makes it easy to choose another family to visit. It will add 'Visit Sim' to the car's menu if conditions are right. It is available at most locations so your sims can go straight from a community lot to a friend's house.
No matter what I tried, if one sim travels to a residential lot then the whole of that sim's family will travel there also, those that don't get in the car at home will be standing near the mail box when you arrive. So to keep it tidy I've made it so sims can only visit when their whole family is home and OK to travel. They can't visit other sims if they have a baby or toddler in the family (put it down to lack of child restraints). Or if a family member is at work or school.

As these need to override the some of the same semi-globals as the hospital mod this first installment is an extension of the hospital mod.
You will need to remove CJH_Hospitals-Pets-to-AL.Package when you put this into your DL folder."

HCDU does bring up a conflict with the hospital mod and the Visitor Controller, but if you make sure that the hospital mod loads last then they seem to work together.
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#13 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 2:52 AM Last edited by gazania : 24th Jul 2014 at 3:09 AM.
Again, be careful with that visitors mod. Make SURE no Sims leave or that no new ones enter the lot. A couple of us did get grayed-out build and buy sections that we just couldn't get rid of until we moved everyone out of the affected house and back in again. Personally, I would use the Blender to ban as many Sims as possible until the visit has been completed. That might cut down on the number of walkbys who might decide to enter the lot and flap their arms the moment a stove catches on fire. Or use a no-fire mod. That might work better, since it will hopefully stop a firefighter from entering the lot. Watch out for maids and gardeners as well, I would surmise.

I forgot the shared tub one was there. Yes ... you can be innocent or not innocent with it, as you wish.

I had a problem with the alternative teen pregnancy controllers, though. I didn't want to use Inteen, but was curious about teen pregnancy. However, I couldn't get the mod to work, even after reading the explanation and all the comments. At the time, though, I had only up to Seasons. Perhaps it works better with all EPs.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.

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#14 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 3:27 AM
Well I grabbed the wedding mat and the visitor one. I hope it doesn't conflict with community lot time, so I downloaded walk only as for me community lot time only works if they use a taxi so hopefully the two will be separate.

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#15 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 3:38 AM
Thanks for doing this, Charity. I am not one who's bothered by boobs, but I just can never find anything on that site! I think I registered long ago...but I don't remember what username/password I set up. Time to experiment!

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That pregnancy relationship adjustment is soooo tempting. I wish it came in more flavors, though. A slightly higher logic skill required for the husband to realize it's not his kid, maybe...and I feel like I'd like other factors than just the teen's grades affecting how mad her parents are. I might get it anyway, though. It's always annoyed me how silly some sim spouses are about that.

(Side story--I remember that being one of the first things I tested in The Sims 3, to see if they'd made it any better. I had a heartbreaker girl seduce Agnes Crumplebottom and marry her, then my chick got pregnant by someone else and she announced her pregnancy to Agnes. Agnes was overjoyed. >.< Silly woman! You're lesbians! She cheated on your dumb butt! XD) < - New Prosperity Challenge. Last update: 6/9/14
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Editing the logic skill required in SimPE shouldn't be hard to do. Not sure about the grade thing. What other factors were you thinking of?

I have to admit that I didn't get the visiting mod. I couldn't see that it would do anything that teleporting a sim in and making them temporarily selectable wouldn't do.
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#18 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 4:01 AM Last edited by EmeraldFalcon : 24th Jul 2014 at 5:39 AM.
I think a logic skill of four or five would be better. A lot of my sims are chess fiends, so three logic points are pretty common.

For the teen's relationship with her parents, a couple ideas were floating around in my mind. I think parents with a LTR of 80 or more towards the teen shouldn't get the drop at all, since they love their kid and are supportive. Maybe aspiration should be a factor, too; for example, a parent with a Romance or Family aspiration shouldn't be as upset because Romance would understand that condoms break sometimes, and Family would be excited to have a grandchild. Fortune would be pretty upset, because it's another mouth to feed. Knowledge would be disappointed that the teen will have a harder time going to college, and should have paid more attention in sex ed. Popularity and Pleasure would probably be in between, because they're upset at the kid, but both aspirations have always seemed like very hands-off parents to me, and would probably figure it was the teen's own problem. < - New Prosperity Challenge. Last update: 6/9/14
#19 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 10:38 AM
Another potential downside to that pregnancy adjuster would be if the player had a "female sims get pregnant from alien abduction, too" mod in a super-nerdy Knowledge sim couple. The husband/boyfriend would certainly have enough logic points to know it's not his and the fury would be unwarranted because alien abduction.

...Though that could be played off as him being extremely jealous that she got abducted -- and alien pregnant -- and he didn't. And it would give the player a bit of DRAMA for their little hive of geekery: do they break up? do they come to an agreement that only he gets to be abducted from here on out (denying her the experience of going up into space)? does she just say "be that way" and continue sticking her eye to the telescope? etc.

(The alien pregnancy rage would be even sillier for same-sex couples who are reproducing via abduction.)

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#20 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 11:08 AM
I asked Chris Hatch about that actually. There is a check to see if the father is the PT and if he is then there is no relationship drop.
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#21 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 11:09 AM
Has anyone played with the religion mod? I'm wondering if the example rules that Chris gives in the instructions are an exhaustive list - 'cause they mostly seem to be about fucking, and that's an aspect of religious interference that I don't find very stimulating story-wise. :P

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#22 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 11:12 AM
Those are pretty much all of them. You could probably add others though.
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#23 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 11:40 AM
Maybe, but... I think the amount of work I'd have to put in to make the mod do what I'd want it to would be a bit disproportionate to the reward. I'd want an "It's encouraged" option for starters (mainly so I can make a cult of bitchy warriors who get into fistfights at every opportunity), and I imagine the code which decides what a sim will or won't do and when is probably very, very complex... and would be a pain in the arse to duplicate and make work for different interactions.

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#24 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 12:04 PM
LOVE LOVE LOVE the wedding mat!
He said in the comments if he could get the father to walk his daughter down the aisle, that would be amazing but I don't think he's gonna do it.
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#25 Old 24th Jul 2014 at 3:47 PM
Another thought about the pregnancy relationship adjuster--it would probably be much harder than making the changes I already mentioned, but I think the parents should have an unconditional one-way relationship drop towards anyone their pregnant teen is romantically involved with. I like the idea of my sim parents holding the father accountable as well, and it wouldn't specifically have to be the correct father. They'd just naturally be more suspicious and on their guard. < - New Prosperity Challenge. Last update: 6/9/14
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