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Meshtool Simple (obj files)
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Meshtool Simple (obj files)


Excellent, but minor changes only. Supports fit/fat and bumpmaps. 3D editors we know work: Milkshape, Maya/Milkshape, Wings 3D (with Hellborn's Vertice Mapper), Blender (with a new plugin). Meshtool _might not work correctly_ with meshes from the Nightlife EP on, this has yet to be fully verified.

If you want to add/delete/replace parts of a mesh, this is not the tool for you. Read on to the Unimesh or SMD plugins for those options.

Get Meshtool Here:




3D Editors:

Milkshape, Maya and Milkshape, ZBrush and Milkshape, Wings 3D (with Hellborn's Vertice Mapper), Blender - with a new plugin (see here )


The original Meshtool allows for the modification of meshes ONLY by moving the existing points in the mesh. Because of this, you cannot move the points past a 'bone' joint – if you were to grab the bottom edge of a short skirt and pull it below the knee, it would not animate correctly. Meshtool does support the fit/fat/preg morph, and animates well, and it supports bumpmaps. Often people use Milkshape to edit the obj file.

You can edit full bodies, tops, and bottoms (do not move the vertices at the waistline at all on tops and bottoms!). I have heard that hair works, but my one test did not display well, so test before you do a lot of editing.

Meshtool works on OBJ files, and that format file was chosen because it's supported by several 3D meshing programs. Unfortunately, it appears the format of obj files is not as consistant as had been hoped, and some programs (such 3D Max) reorder the vertices, and as such, Meshtool cannot reconstruct the new gdmc, because it doesn't know which vertex is which.

The way Meshtool works is that it reads in the data from your obj file and reads in the data from the original gdmc - it then puts in the new values for the location of the vertices and writes out a new gdmc.

Milkshape info
No special steps needed, simply edit the obj file in milkshape then run it through meshtool. While the download is free, the program is $25 to register after a month. Well worth it.

Wings 3D info
Wings 3D users can try using Hellborn's Vertice Mapper which will fix whatever changes Wings 3D makes to the vertex order. Read the thread for further details/instructions. Do a simple test before going on a long editing spree!

Blender info
You will need to use a different script to import the obj file, written by entelin, available here follow the instructions in the thread. Again, do a simple test before doing long edits.

Maya Info (from WDS BriAnna)
Edit your obj file in Maya, save it. Then open the obj file in Milkshape and save a new copy. Load that new copy into meshtool.

Zbrush info (from cdelang)
Follow Bri's tutorial to step 32.
(old tutorial, but here's the link: http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=43092)
Then import your mesh into Milkshape (the one you modified in zBrush). It will appear black in MilkShape, but don't panic. Go to the Materials tab and make sure there are no materials associated with the mesh. At the bottom of the tab there is a box with the word default in it, click the delete button right above it and the box will be empty. Above that there was a picture of a sphere, now the box should be blank as well. To make sure that there is no material associated with the mesh, go back to the Groups tab and make sure the word body is followed by <no material>. Also make sure that in the main tab that Auto Smoothing is unchecked. Your mesh will remain black, but export it anyway. You can call it whatever you like, but Bri says to call it mygownforimport or something close to that. So do whatever is most comfortable for you.

Now, go back to Bri's tutorial, starting with step 33. The one where you open Miche & Delphy's MTS2 Tool. Push the load button and load your newly exported mesh (the one you just saved from MilkShape), then load the original gmdc file she had you extract. Go to the Settings box: make sure the only box checked is import vertices. Uncheck the rest and push the commit button. Then save as directed.

Go through with the rest of tutorial. Open BodyShop. Your new mesh should show up under the Start a New Project tab.

The first time I saw it I was elated.......hopefully you will see it too.

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