SimPE - Import/Export - SMD format
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SimPE - Import/Export - SMD format


Excellent, supports full bone assignments, works for hair and body meshes. One of the most complete tools, supports fat/pregnancy, and bumpmaps.

Get the SimPE Here:
You need SimPE .56 or higher. Make sure to get all the associated files necessary for it to run.


No beginner tuts at mts2. See below for tutorial/info links.

3D Editors:

XSI Modtool, 3DS Max, Blender (with plugin here ), anything that supports smd with 4 bone assignments


3DS Max:
There is a tutorial and discussion about using 3DS Max written by Jasana_BugBreeder here. (Read for info, scroll down for a downloadable tutorial). I found some of Jasana's mesh editing techniques interesting - she builds and replaces part of the mesh, instead of modifying it - one thing to say is the tutorial is thorough. Note she has important info about the Max settings in it!

There's a tutorial by Bobcatben here

XSI Modtool (somewhat outdated):
There is a tutorial with basic info about how to use XSI Mod Tool here. It was originally written for Meshtool's SMD export, so ignore the MESHTOOL instructions, and go to the Mod Tool information. It will be updated for this new plugin soon as I find enough round tuits.

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