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Pleasant People (Most Recent: CH21 posted 1/12/10!!)
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Pleasant People Volume 1

Welcome to Pleasantview, one of the most well-known and
beloved neighborhood in the Sims 2 world. This volume
will follow the lives of the town's current generation.

Chapter 1 - Aye, Caliente

“When are you ever gonna give it up Dina? Dating rich, old men?”
Nina asks her sister as they relax on the rooftop of their new condo.

“Women who look like us are just like expensive cars to them.
They take us out for a couple of spins just to show people off
every once in a while. They don’t care about our needs. Look at
Donald Trump. Have you ever seen his wife smile?”

“Michael wasn’t like that. I loved him, okay? And he loved me,”
Dina replies with her usual innocent voice.

“Well, he didn’t love you enough to leave his inheritance to you.
Leaving all of his money to his sister, what was he thinking?
It’s not like Bella needed anymore money either. Her family is loaded.
And look what we’re stuck with?" Nina looks down at the condo from her chair.

"It’s good that she disappeared, that Bella,” Nina finished.

“Don’t say that Nina. You heard what the lawyer said.
Michael hadn’t updated his will when we married,” Dina continues,
“Poor Mortimer, though. He really did love his wife.”

“Ha. You couldn't care less! I know you, Dina. You’re not as dumb
as most people think… unfortunately,” Nina says as her sister grins.

“You’re gonna make a move on him aren’t you??” asks Nina, though she
already knows the answer. Like she said, she knows her sister all too well.

Dina shrugs when the doorbell rings, “Mortimer! He's here, Nina!”

Nina shakes her head. If Dina uses the brainpower she devotes to
getting rich men into being an actress she always wanted to be,
they wouldn't be living in this mess of a condo. “Well I’m gonna leave
you two alone. I’m going for a walk.”

Dina runs downstairs to greet her new lover, "Oh, Morty. I've missed you!"


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Next: CH02 Last Night with the Belle
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