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I uploaded the spreadsheet that I use here, for anyone else who might like to use it. It is a simple one-page tracker that requires just an "x" in most blocks or a number. The excel program does all the math (totalling several columns) for you.

Here's a picture of the simple one for Pinstar's legacy challenge (which I am currently doing):

Here's where you can download it:
Here's a black and white print version:

Here's a pic of the more complicated Aaroc legacy challenge scorecard. It is now updated with all new stuff for the Ambitions EP, though Aaroc hasn't adjusted any rules yet.

The file for Aaroc's version is here:
The Black and White print version is here:

You can choose to type in the name or initials of the Sim who accomplished a certain LTW or simple place an "x" in the box. The program will track how many LTWs were achieved whichever way you chose.

I saved the excel spreadsheet as a 97-2003 version so those with other versions can use it as well. (Newer versions of excel can read the older versions.) Also, Open Office freeware can read this as well.

Note: I have removed the older files' links, though they should still be visible on mediafire if you prefer just the basic game version or the WA one, but this post was getting unwieldly with all of them.

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