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What Happens in Sunset Valley? :Chapter 10 is FINALLY out :D
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INTRODUCTION:- Welcome to Sunset Valley!

I bid you welcome to Sunset Valley; a place full of intrigue, suspicion, joys, politics, and life.

Watch as the last sun rays of the day lovingly caress the warm ocean sand, the high, woody tree tops and the gently sloping hills…It seems like the perfect place to start a new life; to raise a family, to build a home…

But is this exquisite vision of a perfect little town the real deal? As the sun sets; canvassing the beautiful little valley into a perfect, pretty picture, can we be sure that the calm and picturesque exterior is the same as what lies within Sunsets Depths? Let’s take a look and see, shall we?

Sunset has all the characters of a typical town;

The wealthy and ambitious,

The vain and cruel,

And the weird and neurotic.

But what has molded these people into who they are today? What has brought them to such extremes; driven them to such new lows? Well; to answer these questions, we’ll have to take a little peek into the murky depths of the past; we will have trace Sunset’s steps backwards and turn the clock back to around twenty years ago to look for the answers …

WELCOME…To Sunset Valley.

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Next: Chapter 1:- Welcome Home!
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