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Chapter 4:- To Love or To Lust?
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Attraction is a powerful force that motivates us, drives us, and channels our energies into almost passionate, ever winding obsession. This affection takes many shapes and forms, and can sometimes blossom into love. Yet at others, this attraction turns into something darker, something deeper, into one of the basest human instincts that can ever be experienced… Pure, unadulterated lust.

It’s spring time in Sunset Valley, and along with this, the most aphrodisiac of seasons brings along with it a whole new share of problems for our favourite townies; decisions to be made, feelings to be accounted for and problems to be faced… and worse; to be solved.

Through these beautiful, sunlit days, scented with the fresh essence of pine needles and buzzing honeycombs, many Sunsetters will discover many new found truths; some of which will lead to deeper and more profound self discoveries…. Because, at the end of the day, who will not go that extra mile for a little love…..or perhaps, just a little bit of lust?

Nick Alto stood nervously waiting for his date to turn up. The two had decided to meet at the Bistro for a small and cozy dinner; and Nick was still astounded by the fact that she had actually agreed. He felt that a girl like her was well beyond him; and the more he got to know her, the more he was sure of it. She walked with an air of quiet, simple grace and affection for all around her, and the more time he spent with her, the happier he seemed to be.

He was startled as he heard a quiet cough on the other side of him. He whirled around, and what he saw rooted him to the spot.

Nancy Landgraab stood before him, wearing a midnight blue dress, her hair tied back in an elegant bun with a few of her curls falling delicately before her face, vividly bringing out the color of her dark green eyes with just a slight trace of eye shadow that made them glint in the darkness. A simple heart shaped pendant adorned her otherwise bare neck. The simplicity, innocence and purity of her radiated from within and seemed to fill the entire area around them both. She looked; in all truth, simply beautiful.

He reacted out to her on instinct; without a thought; he walked up to her and hugged her. He felt her arms reach out to hold him, and he felt a fierce joy knowing that she was holding onto him just as he was, her. Reluctantly, he let go of her as they walked to one of the tables together.

After sitting down and placing their orders, they looked at each other and smiled. For Nick, simply being around her was enough to make him smile; it was something about the way she looked; the way she smiled, the way she laughed that made him wish he was the cause for all those thoughts and emotions running through her mind.

‘Thank you for coming today,’ he said softly. ‘I didn’t think…,’ he broke off, embarrassed. ‘You didn’t think what, Nick?,’ she asked him quietly, smiling. They sounded like two birds in a dove cote; intimate and close, and every word felt like it had meaning and value attached to it. ‘I didn’t think you’d come today,’ he finished.

She looked at him for a second and then said, ‘That’s funny. Because I didn’t think YOU would turn up. I felt like… Maybe it didn’t really mean anything, maybe you had forgotten…’ ‘No, don’t say that,’ he said, anxious to make her understand how wrong she was. ‘Any guy would turn up to get a chance to meet you, just be with you… Because I know I would.’

He saw her blush with pleasure and they smiled at each other, quite lost in their quiet moment together. From there, they grew more comfortable in each other’s presence; and they began to talk of normal things, general things, and they laughed and joked just as any two friends would; but the atmosphere was always, constantly tinged with an undercurrent of something more, something else…

They talked about things at home; and slowly she opened up before him, as a flower would to the caressing rays of a weak winter sun after a rain shower. She talked about home; about her family, how things were between all of them, and he felt for her as he would for any friend opening their heart out to him… Except here, the feelings of compassion and need for understanding was stronger and much, much more powerful.

Nancy, in her turn, felt loved and comforted in his presence. Her need for protection felt satisfied with him around her; somehow; something that her frigid father and busy, career-oriented mother never had time to give her.

NOTE:- Before you guys continue with this chapter, I want you to know that the writing of a partof this, till where I denote, was massively influenced by the song; Secret Valentine- We The Kings as the author; I suggest you take the time to play the music alongside you wihle you read the story, as this will give you the full impact of the song.

It was the start of something beautiful; a teenage love for the first time, that fermented and grew like the heady scent of crushed grapes in heat; perfuming the atmosphere and sparking all around them. It was a promise of something more, something better; something that had a future in it’s own right.

Nancy and Nick finished their dinner; though one could not help but notice that neither of them really knew or cared what they had eaten; for the feeling of fullness within them both emanated from being in each other’s presence; and not in what they ate.

As they reached Nancy’s home, Nick and she walked up to the porch. They turned to face each other before the door, hand in hand, smiling. Their emotions were splayed across their faces openly, without any attempt at concealment, and they knew that that moment, that second, lasted a millennium for them both.

“Thank you, Nick,” said Nancy as she smiled lovingly at him. “No, thank YOU, Nancy. Today was beautiful…. I… I want so many more days just like today.”

“I do too. And we’ll have them…. All of that… and so much more…..”

Your first, spring love….. The Best and most beautiful one you’ll ever have, something that you’ll never forget. Each and every moment will flash vividly before you, colouring every single day of your life after it; till death; and, sometimes, when you’re alone out there, sitting and thinking, it will be the reason for that smile, the reason for that tear, quickly hidden….

Because Sometimes…..

Right in the middle of this life…

Love comes along….

And gives you a fairytale…


Two young lovers, in the prime of their youth; celebrate their 18th spring in the joy that is love… But in the same town; quite near the same place at the same time, two people who barely knew each other were meeting together; but their intentions were not as pure…. In fact, far from it…

‘Chester, what on earth is wrong with you?! Why did you ask to meet me here, in the middle of the night?,’ asked Bessie Clavell urgently. She had left Buster alone in bed after popping two heavy sedatives into his evening drink, thus assuring that he wouldn’t wake up for a long time.

‘You know why, Bessie. The moment we met, we felt something… We both knew it, and boy, was it strong. ‘I didn’t feel anything, Chester,’ said Bessie, averting her eyes from his face. ‘Who are you kidding, Bessie?,’ said Chester with a small smile that was partially hidden by the big hat that he was wearing to protect him from instant recognition.

‘We can’t do this,’ she said frantically, fighting like a drowning woman; grasping at straws. ‘Look at our left hands! Wedding rings, Chester! You’re married! You have a daughter who’s less than ten years older than me! Your wife is THE Queenie Landgraab!’ ‘How does that matter, Bessie? Just give this one chance. ONE chance is all I’m asking. We have something here, let’s see where this goes.’

‘I can’t, Chester, I can’t do this, I’m married to him, I love him…’ ‘The same man you can’t live with, Bessie? The same person who you fight with everyday and who you regret marrying? Does he make you happy?’

She didn’t respond, but looked away as the tears filled her eyes. Slowly, he reached out to her and took her small, delicate hands in his big, rough ones. Slowly, painstakingly, she nodded her head in assent as Chester smiled roguishly as she fell into his arms.

Victor Goth stepped out of City Hall, rubbing his eyes. It had been a long day, and he missed his bed. His phone rang and he picked up his wife, Gretle’s call. ‘Hello, darling, I’m out; I’ll be home in fifteen minutes.’ ‘Alright, love, dinner’s waiting for you. See you soon.’ The line clicked dead.

As Victor descended the steps; a strange feeling came over him; almost as if he was being watched. He looked around him and when he saw no one, he shivered and continued his descent along the stairs. Nonetheless, he felt ill at ease and made his way quickly to his car.

As Victor sped away, the man walked out of the shadows and made a call. ‘He’s just left the building. Do you want me to tail him all the way home or is this enough for today?’ ‘You’re done for today, Pietroff,’ said a woman’s clipped voice on the other side. But don’t forget how much you’re being paid for this. I want you on his case EVERY single day, as much as possible.’ ‘Got it,’ he replied before disconnecting the phone and walking quietly off.

Monica Wendyll smiled as she stood leaning calmly against the pillar at City Hall. ‘Looks like there’s more to this town than meets the eye,’ she said to herself quietly. ‘I wonder who wants to keep tabs on Old Goth. Anyway, with time, I’m sure I’ll find out.’

Tonight was a rather important night for Sunset Valley.

The air was now a little warmer and the night a little bit brighter because First love blossomed into existence in the merry little town.

At the same time, two others found comfort in each other due to the brokenness of their own marriages… .What is left to be seen is how long what they have will last….and whether it is better defined as love or lust….

Also, we see that there are things happening in Sunset Valley that seem to hint at something that lies beyond your average town. Sinister things, dark things; games of politics and rivalry. What is all this about? Is Victor Goth in trouble?

Find out more in The Upcoming Chapter 5:- Secrets Whispered Into The Night…

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