New Squall and Cloud no EP version

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Uploaded: 13th Aug 2006 at 10:12 AM
Updated: 15th Aug 2006 at 9:55 AM
Oh, yeah I forgot to mention it, Cloud eyes are available in two sets, it's a popular belief that your heart is reflected on your eyes, Cloud is a guy with lots of burden on his mind, the lost of aerith and the undying vegeance to sephiroth, which one dominate his mind the most? it's up to you to decide.

his blue eyes with grinned sephiroth face on them or with smiling aerith on them. ^_^
only a little detail to give him more personality

that's all

This is my 2 in 1 post Cloud Strife & new Squall Leonhart

I fixed their faces (make it more realistic/ less animeish),
and a completely new costume, which is available for people with no EP

I'm using my "cloud FACE-IN" skin set (INCLUDED),
a "free preview" of my new line of skinset hosted at
on the donation area (the launch would be this mid of August).
my skinset series would be launched this week, they said as late as Friday, "~_^" shameless advertisement

However, Cloud has the ribbon and geostigma on the left arm that won't suit Squall SIM verywell.

Sorry people, I can't release another skin here of this type, unless it has some distinct features like Cloud's skin,
but trust me those skins are very good indeed and reasonably cheap, so why not get them once ^___^;
they would be available in many variants by this mid of August

MY custom contents included in the pack:
cloud_FACE-IN skinset
some lip color modifier + gloss (specially designed for FACE-IN skintones series)
their clothes
their hair recolors
The scar for squall + maxis recolored sun-glasses for Cloud

other people' Custom contents

NEED to be downloaded:
hair mesh is Seomi's "wind for male" (for both squall & Cloud), that hair mesh is so amazing THANKS a lot to her,
recolor and alpha modified by me

glove bunched cuff mesh by Generalzoi, many Thanks to her for making great accessories meshes
(already used by my FFAC upload, so if you have downloaded it, no need to redownload)
recolored to black by me

Helaene's eye make up - 1225 shadow - beige (for Squall)
realistic brows - 2

Do not host/ reupload anywhere else (partially or as a whole) download for your own use only.

Any creators want to use this skin or clothes for their own sim, please link back to this post to get them,
DO NOT include them in your upload (no need to PM me for permission of using these items)

take care