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Elven Modular Stairs *updated for scriptorium*

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Uploaded 27th Aug 2006 at 5:39 PM · Updated 28th Nov 2008 at 10:24 AM by Lethe_s


here's the first package of my elven treehouse build set.
These are newly meshed modular stairs, they're recolorable and, in fact, come with some recolours
They've been tested in my (all ep's) game and in a base game only environment. They should work in all versions of the game.

Poly's: varying between 374 and 875 per step (= less than the Maxis Holy Smoke Stairs)

My thanks to Lyriclee, Numenor, Jaxad and Simsbaby

Warning: These stairs are fiddly. Please read all instructions carefully.

There's two ways to install:

1. Scriptorium Installation Instructions (for Lethes_elvenstairs_scriptiorium.rar)

- Get the Scriptorium and install it.
- Unrar Lethes_elvenstairs_scriptiorium.rar. In it you'll find four files: three packages and a txt file.
- Place the three packages in your Downloads folder
- Find the shortcut to Scriptorium_ModularStairs in your downloads folder and follow it. Place the txt file in the new folder.

2. Manual Installation (for Lethes_elvenmodstairs.rar)

- unpack the lethes-mesh-elvenmodstairsv1.0.package to the Downloads folder in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2
- go find the modularstairs text file. With a default installation, this is in C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/The Sims2/TSData/Res/Catalog/Scripts/modularstairs.txt
- MAKE A backup of the file somewhere
- open it and add the following to the very bottom:


modularStairs 801
objectID landing 0x001FE222
objectID placeholder 0x001FE221
objectID step 0x001FE223
objectID topStep 0x001FE220
objectID bottomStep 0x001FE21E
catalogTextIndex 801

- now close that and open the game, you'll find a new staircase in the build catalog under 'modular stairs', the price is 0

Design Instructions

Modular stairs were never meant to be recoloured so you won't find the colour options in the catalog.
- you need the 'design' tool to recolour them (the icon looks like a booklet with wallpaper samples), since the recolours won't show in the catalog
- on the UNRAILED version, click the steps one by one with the design tool. You'll get some options to choose from. If you add a rail the design tool won't do anything!
- after changing the colours to your satisfaction, add any rails you need. The colour will revert back. Don't worry, it's not permanent.
- save your lot and exit to the neighbourhood. You might notice the stairs already having the proper colour in the neighbourhood screen.
- enter your lot again and Hey Presto!: newly coloured stairs!

Recolour Instructions

You're very welcome to make your own recolours for these stairs.
- Load up SimPE and the Object Workshop
- choose 'Open' and navigate to lethes-mesh-elvenmodstairsv1.0.package in your Downloads folder
- open that, choose 'recolour' and follow the regular procedure from there.

Upload policy

Since this is a build item, you're free to put them in a house and upload them. However, you MUST link to this thread or add the readme (preferably both). Your dowloaders need to know how to install them!

Onward to the pics!



Right, I hope all you talented builders have fun with them.

Feel free to report problems, but please, read all instruction at least three times before you do so. In order to help you, I will also need a detailed description of what the problem is and what you tried already. Just going 'this don't work' will get you nowhere.

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