The alien Build Mode set !

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Uploaded: 27th Sep 2006 at 10:16 PM
Updated: 28th Sep 2006 at 2:51 AM by LyricLee
Ever felt frustrated because your houses didn't look futuristic/alien enough for your poor extraterrestrial residents? Though you'd never find the right items to create lots in which they'd feel at home? A new era has come!

... Actually, not. I've just made a staircase, a fence and a column (columns will look better if you place them in groups of two as on the picture I've attached.

I hope you'll enjoy these

Stairs :
Vertex count : 1854
Face count : 1383

Column :
Vertex count : 806
Face count : 508

Fence :
Vertex count : 1136 (fence), 94 (post)
Face count : 696 (fence), 72 (post)

***note- to have a custom fence work you must have one expansion pack, any one, but you must have one for this to show up***

Feel free to recolour, but do NOT upload elsewhere or include in lots.