completely revised victorian career

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i deleted this a while back because i had a lot of bad comments on my spelling - i have revised it BUT IT IS STILL NOT PERFECT!!
i hope it is better now!
the uniforms are from
billy and betty from
maid uniform by me
victorian suit by creator crosieramanda
regency clothing

JOB descriptions:

Sims servant’s career.

1 The very bottom of the ladder and a long way up … first thing on the agenda should be to find a position
2 Errand lad
Lowest of the low you must run any errand the master gives you and expect no thanks or praise … thus is the life of the general dogsbody
3 Stable hand
You are now in charge of mucking out the stables and saddling up the horses when needed
4 Groom
Your time is spent taking care of the horses and keeping them healthy and beautiful
5 Gardener
Working outside beats the stables any day
6 Groundskeeper
You have been given the opportunity to run the grounds staff …. Very well done but maybe its time to try getting indoors?
7 Cook
Well done your first position of real importance
8 Butler
When asked what you do you reply “why, I buttle sir”
9 Estate manager
Finally you’ve been given the reigns of the place no one dares defy you now
10 Favored companion
No longer even seen as a servant you have reached the top of your career.

1 Workhouse skivvie
The very bottom of the ladder and a long way up … first thing on the agenda should be to find a position
2 Kitchen maid
Chopping veg and cleaning dishes may not seem very glamorous but at least you’re in a big posh house
3 Attending maid
At last no more cleaning! This new role does however have you running about with trays of tea and cake a lot more ……. Your poor feet!
4 Housemaid
No longer restricted to the kitchen you can now expect a little more freedom
5 Nursery assistant
The children of the house are growing up so fast they’re demanding their own servant!!
6 Governess
Teaching the master and mistresses “little darlings” to do their counting and sewing
7 Nanny
With the arrival of the new baby the mistress gives up on nursing her own and offers you the position of nanny
8 Housekeeper
The reigns of the house are in your hands... do with them as you will!
9 Favored servant
You are now completely trusted by both the master and the mistress!
10 Companion to the mistress
You’re no longer even considered a servant really … this is the top of your career!

i will keep pay and chance cards a secret so you get some surprises!! :D