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  • new skirt mesh 2 with recolours

    by Emma_Barrett 11th May 2007 at 1:38pm

    after the wonderful reception of my first skirt mesh i have decided to share my second attempt. more...

    5 16.6k 7

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • new skirt mesh and recolours

    by Emma_Barrett 10th May 2007 at 11:22am

    ok this is my first mesh so any feedback is apprieciated. more...

    15 13k 6

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • new career - sim in black

    by Emma_Barrett 2nd Nov 2006 at 4:07pm

    an alternative scifi career for your simmies! more...

    30 75.1k 24


  • zoo keeper career **requested by evanesancefan1**

    by Emma_Barrett 2nd Nov 2006 at 3:59pm

    now your sims can work in the zoo!!! SPELLING AND GRAMMER NOT PERFECT!!! more...

    24 50.4k 7

    Careers » EP compatible

  • completely revised victorian career

    by Emma_Barrett 2nd Nov 2006 at 3:40pm

    i deleted this a while back because i had a lot of bad comments on my spelling - i have more...

    18 38.5k 25


  • new fairy/angel wings

    by Emma_Barrett 22nd Aug 2006 at 12:29pm

    you will need Lord Dragonstones Large Wings Mesh from saphire sims2 hope you enjoy them! more...

  • robot girl

    by Emma_Barrett 26th Jul 2006 at 11:37am

    she makes a good servo if you have ofb and insim ;) All CC by me ... more...

    10 22.5k 8

    Sims » Sci-Fi » Female

  • new goth outfit

    by Emma_Barrett 26th Jul 2006 at 10:57am

    my latest creation no meshe/eps needed (in case you were interested the hair on my model is more...

    8 20.7k 3

    Female » Everyday » Adult

  • classic movie posters - scifi

    by Emma_Barrett 19th Jul 2006 at 6:58pm

    This is the second part of my movie posters pack. more...

  • Classic Movie Posters - horror

    by Emma_Barrett 19th Jul 2006 at 6:34pm

    I thought this pack of horror movie posters may be fun, and useful for cinemas!! more...

  • Victoria, another cute goth girl

    by Emma_Barrett 28th Jun 2006 at 3:31pm

    here is victoria, i hope you like her. more...

    2 11.6k 3

    Sims » Horror / Gothic » Female

  • New Vampy girl

    by Emma_Barrett 22nd Jun 2006 at 3:49pm

    This is my new vampy goth sim. more...

    10 18.3k 2

    Sims » Horror / Gothic » Female

  • Lucy ... another goth sim

    by Emma_Barrett 9th Jun 2006 at 10:33am

    for lucy to work you will need the hair mesh which is availible at and is on the specials more...

    7.4k 1

    Sims » Horror / Gothic » Female

  • cassandra .... punky goth girl (vamp?)

    by Emma_Barrett 8th Jun 2006 at 5:13pm

    my newest pretty young lady ..... more...

    3 10.4k 3

    Sims » Horror / Gothic » Female

  • poppy ... a posh goth

    by Emma_Barrett 7th Jun 2006 at 7:03pm

    i would like to introduce you to poppy ...... more...

    4 9.5k

    Sims » Other » Female

  • cutie goth girl

    by Emma_Barrett 7th Jun 2006 at 2:04am

    for this sim i created: 1, the skintone which includes 2 dark more...

    8 14.7k 4

    Sims » Horror / Gothic » Female