Easy dragable gutters!

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Uploaded 12th Feb 2007 at 6:03 PM · Updated 9th Feb 2009 at 12:01 PM by frillen

Decorate your houses with easy to use gutters!
Ok you've seen gutters for the sims 2 before, but I bet you haven't seen a gutter system as easy to use as this
This gutter is based on 2 types of fences: 1 with & 1 without downpipe!
Each type is created in 3 versions which should cover every possible roof slope angle nicely!
You can also use the gutters with diagonal roofs!
The gutters with downpipe works with houses from 1 to 5 stories!

All the gutters have end caps so when you drag the gutters, you'll see end caps on each gutter section like shown in picture below!

How to use:
Since they work like fences, all you have to do is drag the gutter from left to right on top of the roof like shown on the picture below!
Each gutter section is actually 2 tiles wide, I decided to do it this way because the roof sticks 1/2 tile out from the house ends, so you it's actually enough to place a gutter on just every second tile!
Please don't use them on the ground, they will disappear into the ground and will be difficult to locate then

These gutters are not perfect seen from a graphical point of view, but I decided to design them in this way to keep them as easy as possible to use!
I might be doing a luxery version of this gutter system sometime!

Not much more to say than Enjoy this gutter system & please report back if you experience any kind of errors with them(I've tested them thoroughly so there shouldn't be any

And now on to the boring technical/legal stuff:

Frillen-DragableGutter.zip contains the 6 following package files:

Mesh-info:(Just the gutter)

Mesh-info:(Gutter with downpipe)

Even though it's listed as base-game requirement only, you'll need at least one EP, it doesn't matter which EP you've got!

You may:
Create recolors & upload them, since fences can't be recolored in the traditional way, you may upload the mesh too as long you give credit!
Use it in a house & upload your house to any site as long this object is a part of your lot!

Created by Frillen - February 2007 especially for the following sites:

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