Package Watcher (new package watcher)

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2007 at 11:39 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2013 at 10:14 PM by Nysha
I've got over 500 different packages installed into my downloads folder, and it's a total mess. I know 500 isn't big but still, so I've decided to write a little program that would keep track of any new files I've added, hence Packet Watcher. (I don't think is the right category for this, but it's the only one I saw with "In Testing")

Basically what you do is start the program, have it start watching, install the package(s) or simpack. Then it'll remember what files you've installed. You can then have it delete them in the future.

PLEASE backup your downloads folder first, as this is a testing version! I've only run it on my machine, since I don't know anyone that has the Sims. If theres problems, I'd like to know about them.

Also you do not need any of the EPs for this to work, infact with some code modifications it could handle any application.

Extract PacketWatcher.exe and place in your Sims 2 folder. The SRC directory contains the source code (C#).

You do need .NET 2.0 installed to run this.

Revision 1: Deleting empty folders causes nasty crash, option has been removed.

Version 02-26-07 is stable release. (However if there are folders within Downloads, don't use this one please)

version 03-11-07 and 03-25-07 is broken (due to subfolder problem) and no longer available.

Version-03-28-07 is now available for testing. Please read notes further down.

Finally got around to working on it again. Nine months Moving folder issue should hopefully be fixed (Subfolders weren't being re-enabled correctly). Also added quite a few new expansions since then.. (celebration, BV, H&M, teen styles, and the 2 stories)